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Instagram is becoming one of my favorite social media platforms. The reason being for me is I enjoy photography and visual arts and being around creative folks. I have pledged to myself to post one photo per day on Instagram. This is because I think developing productive habits is important to success and it also keeps me creative. I put pride in my work, so having to post daily is making me think and be creative. This exercise may seem trivial, but it is the little things that matter and make you better. Do something you love everyday and notice how it improves you. Habits motivate you to do more and produce more. Habits also lead to focus. When you develop systems and routines, you know what needs to be done all the time. Habits translate to simplicity for me. The more I know what I’m doing with each minute of my day, the clearer things are.

Call to Action:¬†Challenge yourself to do something every day no matter how big or small that will help you #moveforward in business or in life.” Get up 10 minutes early, go for a 30 minute walk before and after work, watch less tv, cut Facebook time to 20 minutes a day…

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For me: Instagram was my first daily challenge. Daily challenge #2 for me is a daily blog post. I need to write more.

Developing daily routines and habits is the key to success and focus. Start small and simple and build on it. Making your bed every day is a good starting point.

Write your next days tasks before you go to bed
Use a clipboard to write your daily to do lists
Check off the list when done
Use the Pomodoro Technique (Chris Winfield is the man here)