After Effects CC 2022: How To Create A Countdown Timer

Solids Folder Basics

This tutorial will show you how to create a Countdown Timer (from 10 to 0) in Adobe After Effects CC 2022 using a text layer and a Slider Control. You will also learn how to remove the decimals and round down the number and center the numbers in the center of the Composition.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Selection Tool (V)
Reveal Expressions (EE)

Expression with Round Numbers:
Math.round(effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”));

Background Elements in Tutorial:
How To Create Looping Texture Animations

Free Animated Textures:
Premium Beat

Font Used:
Londrina Shadow (450px)

Keyboard Shortcuts to Learn:
Precompose (Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + C)
Add Adjustment Layer (Opt/Alt + Cmd/Ctrl + Y)

00:05 Intro: About the Tutorial
00:15 Composition Settings
00:22 Add Text Layer
00:36 Align Panel: Center Text in Composition
00:45 Font: Londrina Shadow (450px)
00:53 Effects Rack: Add Slider Control
01:07 Add Slider Control To Text Layer
01:20 Layers Panel: Parent & Link Header
01:34 Source Text: Add Expression (Option/Alt + Click)
01:48 Pick-whip Source Text To Slider Control
02:08 Countdown Timer: How To Create
02:17 Slider Control: Click Stopwatch
03:00 Edit Expression: Round Numbers
03:26 Math.round(
04:02 Center Text (Paragraph Panel)

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2022 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Create a Countdown Timer in Adobe After Effects CC 2022:

  1. Create New Composition (1920 x 1080, 10 seconds)
  2. Add Text (Londrina Solid, 450px)
  3. Go to Align Panel and center the text
  4. Go to ‘Effects & Presets’
  5. Search for ‘Slider Control’
  6. Click and drag on the Text Layer
  7. Twirl open the Text Layer
  8. Twirl open ‘Text’
  9. Right-Click on Layer Panel Header and check ‘Parent & Link’
  10. Press Option or Alt Key and click on stopwatch next to Source Text
  11. Locate pick-whip and drag it to ‘Slider Control’ in the Effect Controls panel
  12. Change the Value of Slider to 10
  13. Drag Playhead to the beginning of the Timeline
  14. Click on the stopwatch for Slider Control
  15. Drag playhead to the end of the timeline
  16. Change the Slider Control value to 0
  17. Press Spacebar to Preview
  18. The countdown should be working but with decimals

How To Remove Decimals & Round Down Countdown Timer:

  1. Select Text Layer
  2. Tap ‘EE’ to reveal expressions
  3. Click in the expression editor on Timeline
  4. Move the cursor to the beginning of the expression 
  5. Type Math.round(
  6. Add closing parentheses and semi-colon at the end of the expression
  7. The expression should look like this:
    Math.round(effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”));

How To Center Numbers in Countdown Timer:

  1. Select Text Layer
  2. Go to Paragraph Panel (Windows…Paragraph)
  3. Click on ’Center Text’
  4. Go to Align Panel and align to center
  5. Press Spacebar to Preview

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