Podcast Audio Editing Tip

Do you need to convert stereo audio files to mono?
Do you need to convert mono audio files to stereo?


  • You received stereo recordings from your client or guest and want to convert the stereo files to mono for your podcast.
  • You are working with a client who insists on having their podcast in stereo, but you only have mono recordings and need to convert mono to stereo.

Adobe Audition CC 2020:

To try or buy Adobe CC (affiliate link):

How To Convert Sample Type (Stereo to Mono)

This tutorial will show you how to use Convert Sample Type in Adobe Audition CC to convert an audio waveform to different channels.

Mono= 1 Channel of Audio (same audio in both ears)
Stereo= 2 Channels of Audio (audio in left can be different than right)

For Podcasters (Mono or Stereo?)

I recommend mono for the majority of podcasters because mono files are smaller in file size, the audio quality is just as good, and one channel is simpler to work with than two.

  1. Mono is recommended for spoken word podcasts (which are the majority of podcasts). Note: Mono is fine even if you have music or sound effects in your intro/outro.
  2. Stereo is recommended when sound effects and music are essential to the show (audio dramas, storytelling, ASMR…)

The all-purpose podcast export setting (Mono):
Mono, 96 kbps, 32-bit float, mp3

The all-purpose podcast export setting (Stereo):
Stereo, 128 kbps, 32-bit float, mp3

How to tell if an audio file is Mono or Stereo?

  1. Look in the bottom right corner of Adobe Audition for Sample Type (44100 Hz, 32-bit float, Stereo or Mono)
  2. Look for ‘Channel’ in Metadata Panel (Window…Metadata)
  3. Look to the right of Waveform (if you see L/R then that is Stereo)
  4. Look at the level meters (1 = Mono…2 = Stereo)
Adobe Audition Waveform View (Is it Mono or Stereo?)

How To Convert Sample Type in Adobe Audition CC:

  1. Open Audio File In Waveform View of Adobe Audition
  2. Look to Bottom Right Corner (below levels) to determine if Mono or Stereo
  3. Go to Edit Menu in the Menu Bar
  4. Click on ‘Convert Sample Type’
  5. Go to ‘Channels’ section
  6. Click on Drop-down and select Mono or Stereo
  7. Click OK
  8. Look in the lower-right corner. The sample type has been converted.
Waveform View…Edit Menu>Convert Sample Type…Channels>Click for Mono…OK

Video Tutorial:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqdKuKBWyGs?feature=oembed]