After Effects CC 2023: How To Use Content-Aware Fill

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This tutorial will show you how to use Content-Aware Adobe After Effects CC 2023 to remove unwanted objects in your footage.

If Content-Aware Fill does not ‘fill’ in the masked areas, make sure your masks are set to ‘Subtract’ before clicking ‘Generate Fill Layer’

Workspace Used in Tutorial:

Keyboard Shortcut:
V: Select Tool
M: Mask
MM: Reveal All Masks
N: Set End of Work Area
Cmd/Ctrl + S: Save Project

00:00  Intro: About the Tutorial
00:29  Default Workspace: Content-Aware Fill Panel
00:46  Mask Unwanted Objects
01:02  Pen Tool (G): Create Masks
01:22  Mask Property: Change to Subtract
01:52  Animate (keyframe) Mask
02:29  Change from ‘Subtract’ to ‘None’
03:30  Content-Aware Fill Panel (Fill in Masks)

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Use Content-Aware Fill:

  1. Set Workspace to Default (or use Window…Content-Aware Fill to show Panel)
  2. Create New Composition (Cmd/Ctrl + N)
  3. Drag video footage on Composition
  4. Select the Mask Tool (G)
  5. Click around object that you want removed from footage
  6. Close out mask
  7. Twirl open layer
  8. Twirl open Mask
  9. Click drop-down and change from ‘Add’ to ‘Subtract’ to reveal layer below (or transparency)
  10. Repeat for any other objects to remove from footage

How To Animate Masks:

  1. Drag Play-head to the beginning of timeline
  2. Twirl open Layers
  3. Twirl open Masks
  4. Click on stopwatch next to ‘Mask Path’ property to add keyframes
  5. Change Masks from ‘Subtract’ to ‘None’ so it is easier to see the unwanted objects
  6. Move forward 1 frame at a time (press Cmd/Ctrl + Arrow)
  7. Tap ‘V’ for Selection Tool
  8. Adjust masks if the unwanted object moves outside of the masked area
  9. Repeat to the end of the footage (keyframes will be added for each new adjustment)

How To Use Content-Aware Fill Panel To Fill in Masks:

  1. Save Project
  2. Twirl open layer
  3. Twirl open Mask
  4. Click drop-down and change from ‘None’ to ‘Subtract’
  5. Go to Content-Aware Fill Panel
  6. Change Fill Method to ‘Object’
  7. Change Range to ‘Work Area’ (keep at Entire Duration if you did not set Work Area)
  8. Click ‘Generate Fill Layer’
  9. Wait for AE to analyze footage
  10. Masks should fill in like magic!
  11. Drag play-head to beginning and press Spacebar to preview

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