After Effects CC 2023: How To Add Composition Borders

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This tutorial will show you how to add a colored Composition Border in Adobe After Effects CC 2023 that can be animated and will resize automatically if the Comp Size changes.

After Effects Version Required:
23.0.0 or later

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Duplicate Layers (Cmd/Ctrl + D)
Deselect All (F2)

00:05 Intro: About the Tutorial
00:18 AE Version Required (23.0.0)
00:28 How To Add Composition Border
00:49 Deselect All Layers (F2)
01:09 Composition Borders = Shape Layers
01:23 Effect Controls: Customize Effect
01:46 Composition Settings (Cmd/Ctrl + K)
01:59 Shape Layer Customizations (Roundness + Stroke)
02:14 Create Inset Border
02:38 How To Animate Colors


Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Add Composition Borders in AE 2023:

  1. Open After Effects
  2. Create A New Composition (Cmd/Ctrl + N)
  3. Deselect All in the layers panel (F2)
  4. Go to Effects & Presets Panel (Windows…Effects & Presets)
  5. Search for Border
  6. Double-click on ‘Composition Border’ to add a Shape Layer to Layers Panel
  7. Go to ‘Effect Controls’ to customize the Border Width, Offset, Color Properties
  8. Twirl open Shape Layer in Layers Panel for additional customization

How To Animate Border Color:

  1. Drag playhead to the beginning of the Timeline
  2. Click on the stop-watch next to ‘Border Color’ in the Effect Controls
  3. Pick a color
  4. Right-click on the keyframe and click ‘Toggle Hold Keyframe’
  5. Move the playhead forward in time 1 second and change to new color
  6. Right-click on the keyframe and click ‘Toggle Hold Keyframe’ if not already set