Screenflow 10: How To Change Clip Speed

This tutorial will show you how to change Clip Speed using the Clip Inspector and the easy way, using a Keyboard Shortcut in Screenflow 10.

Keyboard Shortcut:
To Change Clip Speed…Press & hold the Option Key

Duration: The faster the clip the shorter the duration
🐢 Icon: A clip has been slowed down
🐇 Icon: A clip has been sped up

00:04 Intro: About this tutorial
00:35 How To Open Clip Inspector
01:12 Speed Up or Slow Down Clip (Using Clip Inspector)
01:33 Turtle (Slow) & Rabbit (Fast) Icons
02:00 *Keyboard Shortcut To Change Clip Speed (Hint: Option Key)

Software Used:
Screenflow 10 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Add Timeline Markers in Screenflow 10:

  1. Drag Playhead (Current Time Indicator) to a location in video
  2. Tap Grave or Tilde Key to Add Marker (`)
  3. Enter the Name of the Title you want as the Chapter Name
  4. Repeat this process to add Markers

How To Delete & Edit Markers

  1. To Delete Markers, select and right-click and ‘Delete Marker’
  2. To Edit Marker, double-click on Marker and rename


How To View Marker Panel:

  1. Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M to open 
  2. Click once on each title to copy 


How To Write YouTube Descriptions:

  1. Open Apple Notes
  2. Copy & Paste Marker Titles
  3. Create YouTube Chapters using Marker Timecode (00:00 Chapter Name)
  4. Copy & Paste Apple Note in YouTube Description box when uploading video