Adobe Audition CC 2023: How To Create Clip & Session Multitrack Markers

This tutorial will show you how to create Clip + Session Markers in the Multitrack of Adobe Audition CC 2023.

Audition Version Required:
CC 2023.3 or later

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Adobe Support Article:

Keyboard Shortcuts:
M: Add Markers

Clip Markers (New in 23.3):
Added on clips. Stay with clips.

Session Markers:
Added above all Clips.

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:13  About Audition (23.3 or later)
00:32  How To Add Clip Markers
00:52  Marker Panel (Window…Markers)
01:04  How To Manage Markers
01:27  How To Move Markers
01:40  Add Additional Clip Markers
02:13  How To Add Session Markers (Above Tracks)
02:37  Manage Session Markers
02:53  Marker FYI
03:06  Clip vs. Session Marker
03:19  Add Additional Markers Recap

Software Used:
Adobe Audition CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Check Audition Version:

  1. Go to top Menu
  2. Click on ‘Adobe Audition’
  3. Select ‘About Audition’
  4. Look at ‘Build’ and confirm it is 23.3 or later to have Clip Markers

How To Add Clip Markers in the Multitrack of Adobe Audition CC 2023.3 or later:

  1. Open the Multitrack
  2. Add Clips
  3. Select a clip by clicking on it
  4. Tap ‘M’ to add a Clip Marker

How To Manage Markers:

  1. Right-Click on Any Marker to Rename, Delete, Change Type, Convert to Range
  2. Or, go to Markers Panel (Windows…Markers)

How To Add Session Markers (Above Tracks):

  1. Deselect All Clips
  2. Drag CTI to location in Time
  3. Tap M to add Session Marker

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