Screenflow 10: YouTube Chapter Marker (My Workflow)

This tutorial will share my workflow for adding Markers in Screenflow 10 to create clickable timestamped Chapter Markers in the YouTube description box. Chapter Markers in YouTube will show up as clickable links in the Description Box that will take viewers directly to a timestamp. 

Keyboard Shortcut:
Add Markers (`)
Marker Panel (Ctrl + M)

My Screenflow to YouTube Chapter Marker Workflow:

  1. Edit Video from Start To Finish
  2. Drag Scrubber to beginning of Timeline
  3. Tap ` (grave key) to add Marker 
  4. Enter Marker/Chapter Title
  5. Repeat until the end of the video
  6. Open Marker Panel (Ctrl + M)
  7. Open Apple Notes
  8. Copy & Paste Marker Titles to Apple Notes
  9. Write YouTube Description + Chapter Markers in Apple Notes
  10. Copy & Paste YouTube Description and paste when uploading video to YouTube Channel

To Add Chapter Markers In the YouTube Description Box:

  • 00:10 Chapter Name 01
  • 00:30 Chapter Name 02
  • 01:30 Chapter Name 03
  • 02:00 Chapter Name 04

00:05 Intro: About This Tutorial
00:16 YouTube Description Box
00:26 Edit the video in Screenflow 10
00:42 Add Marker: Grave or Tilde Key (` ~)
01:05 Add Marker Titles (for YouTube Chapters)
01:28 How To See All Markers
01:38 Delete Individual or All Markers
01:51 Edit Marker Titles
01:58 Marker Panel (Ctrl + M)
02:37 Markers to Apple Notes

Software Used:
Screenflow 10 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Add Timeline Markers in Screenflow 10:

  1. Drag Playhead (Current Time Indicator) to a location in video
  2. Tap Grave or Tilde Key to Add Marker (`)
  3. Enter the Name of the Title you want as the Chapter Name
  4. Repeat this process to add Markers

How To Delete & Edit Markers

  1. To Delete Markers, select and right-click and ‘Delete Marker’
  2. To Edit Marker, double-click on Marker and rename


How To View Marker Panel:

  1. Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M to open 
  2. Click once on each title to copy 


How To Write YouTube Descriptions:

  1. Open Apple Notes
  2. Copy & Paste Marker Titles
  3. Create YouTube Chapters using Marker Timecode (00:00 Chapter Name)
  4. Copy & Paste Apple Note in YouTube Description box when uploading video

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