Adobe After Effects CC 2023: How To Use The CC Cylinder Effect

This tutorial will show you how to use the CC Cylinder Effect in After Effects CC 2023 to wrap and animate text around graphics such as a logo.

CC Cylinder Settings Used in Tutorial:
Radius: 116
Position Z: 70
Rotation X: 20 Degrees
Lighting: Set all to lowest value
Shading: Set all to lowest value

Font Used in Tutorial:

00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:14  Composition Settings
00:25  Create New Comp For Text
00:49  Enter the ‘Repeat’ Expression
01:09  Add CC Cylinder (Effects & Presets)
01:22  Customize CC Cylinder (Effect Controls)
01:41  How To Animate CC Cylinder
01:57  Add loopOut() Expression
02:16  Finishing Touches: Fill, Drop Shadow, Turbulent Displace
02:42  Turbulent Displace Settings
03:12  Mask Behind Logo

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

  1. How To Use the CC Cylinder Effect:

    1. Open or Create a Composition
    2. Add background elements and graphics such as a logo to wrap text around
    3. Create a New Composition for Text (I used 2160 x 600 px)
    4. Add Text
    5. Repeat Text To Fill Tutorial (Opt/Alt + Click on Source Text and enter repeat(#)

    How To Animate CC Cylinder:

    1. Drag CTI to the beginning of the Timeline
    2. Go to Effect Controls
    3. Click on stopwatch next Rotation Y to add a keyframe
    4. Move CTI forward to 7 Second Mark
    5. Enter 1 in the Rotation y values to rotate 1 x 360 degrees
    6. Press Option or Alt
    7. Click on the Stopwatch for Rotation Y
    8. Enter loopOut() to loop endlessly
    9. Press SpaceBar to preview animation

    Finishing Touches:

    1. Add Fill to control the color of text
    2. Add Drop-shadow for styling
    3. Add Turbulent Displace to add character and wiggle
      1. Change Amount To 5
      2. Option click on ‘Random Seed’
      3. Enter time*5 to animate Turbulent Displace

    How To Mask CC Cylinder Text Behind Object:

    1. Select CC Cylinder Text Layer
    2. Select Pen Tool (G)
    3. Create a Mask where the text intersects object/logo
    4. Change Mask to Subtract