The Summer Break Show

The Summer Break Show


"The mind should be allowed some relaxation, that it may return to its work all the better for the rest.”

Episode Summary:
This episode is going to share the work I plan to do on vacation to set me up for success in the 2nd half of 2018.

My content strategy and plan for the second half of 2018.

My version of work-life balance.

Episode 150: The Summer Break Show

Taking a break
Resting your mind is vital to your health and wellness, but that does not mean you stop your efforts to create the life you want.

The life I want is making a living as a content creator and online educator.

My sights are on the long-term, so I’m in it for the marathon and not the sprint, so pace is important.

Mid-Year Review:
July 18th is the halfway mark of the year.
The perfect time to evaluate your life and business roadmap for the year and set yourself up for a strong finish to 2018.

Are you on the right track?
Do you know where you are headed?
Are you doing everything necessary to get there?
Are you in control or are you in reaction mode?

Summary of Episode:
I share my content strategy and plan for the second half of 2018 as I get ready to refresh and head out for a 2-week vacation to Nantucket.

I plan my summer vacation by planning my 3rd and 4th quarter content strategy and business goals.

My version of work-life balance.

The Podcast Hiatus
I shared in Episode 149 The Freedom Show that I was going to take an indefinite hiatus from this podcast.

I do not know when Episode 151 will be published or I may launch a brand new show.

I am not putting pressure or making any grand promises as I do not know. I just know I am making the right decision because it is from my gut and heart.

The 2018 Roadmap

In Episode 122: The 2018 Roadmap Show, the priorities I listed were:

Priority #1: Murphy Concierge (Generating Income)

Priority #2: Tutorials & Classes:

Priority #3: Writing

Priority 4: Ask Mike Murphy

Priority 5: YouTube

Priority 6: Health & Wellness

Mid-Year Reaction:

Wow! I did a really good job with that Roadmap.

Note: podcasting did not make the list of priorities, but it is of upmost importance to my content puzzle and should be for many brands and businesses.
Audio & Podcasting are extremely important and effective as we move into a mobile-dominated world. I am not going anywhere. I just need to find the rhythm which will come from adjusting the format and possibly the entire topic or concept. It’s not firing on all cylinders and I know it. I am simply transitioning to a new phase.
This is me taking one step back to move 2 steps forward.

My homework:
Brainstorm and add specific ideas and types of content for each of the priorities so I can control the ebb and flow of my life and business and not feel controlled or lost on what to do next.

Mantra & Theme for 2018: Simplicity, Fundamentals, Storytelling.

To maintain the lifestyle of simplicity and reducing physical & mental clutter and place more emphasis on fundamentals and storytelling in my content creation.

I am approaching this trip with storytelling on my mind. Creating content drawing from my own personal experiences that others can relate to and make a connection to me. I am looking to make content that strikes a nerve and hits home with others.

I’m not concerned with how much content I create on this trip, but I am going to explore and experiment with my cameras and audio equipment and see what I can come up with. .

Micro-storytelling is my goal. It’s how I teach. I take big concepts and break off pieces instead of trying to cover too much. This takes discipline and can be challenging as simple is not easy. This is how I want to approach storytelling. Snippets of the journey when pieced together tell a larger story.

Storytelling Homework: In Nantucket will be to create some micro-content and just see what is working and what is not. If I find a groove then I will make a list of ideas to add to my document that I can make when I get back.

My biggest goal in storytelling is to illustrate and share to the world the journey of starting and online business and trying to create a life of freedom and happiness and healthy living in a way that is educational and entertaining. People relate to stories. I relate to stories. Telling stories that teach and inspire is what I hope to achieve, but in my voice and style. Obviously.

Examples of micro-content I want to make:
The gear & tools I use.
What my workspace looks like.
Why do I do what I do?
Who inspires me?
What do I really want in life and business?
How much money do I make? How much do I want?
How do I pack for travel?
Snippets of me.

Not to promote me, but to let people into my journey and connect. This is the motivation I need to create stronger content. My biggest struggle is I create content I think will be helpful. I want to create content I know will be helpful because people tell me what they are struggling with.

Priorities for Q3 & Q4 of 2018

[Murphy Concierge]( is my local tech support business where I go to homes and businesses and fix and teach people how to use their tech devices. I love this role yet I spend the least time on it. Why? Fear of success. It may just work. Yes, that is a real struggle of mine.

My homework: Create a membership subscription plan that is a win-win for my clients and me. An annual fee that gives clients 24/7 access to my help, with additional fees for in-person fixes. I have started on the model, but hope to fine tune it over the next 2 weeks.

Tutorials & YouTube & Ask Mike Murphy
I want to grow my YouTube channel significantly. If I could pay my bills making daily tutorials on YouTube, I would be happy.

I want to make helpful videos.

Adding to my YouTube push is adding a live-stream Ask Mike Murphy component. I have 1600 subscribers and do not know who they are. It’s time to meet them and engage more with them. I will do that on YouTube Live.

My homework is to come up with a giant list of video ideas so I can get ahead with my content schedule and not feel like I’m drowning in work. It’s about balance and control.

I think it is the backbone of content that will never go away. Audio & Video will thrive, but text ties it all together. I write a lot. I will write more and produce at least one more eBook this year. I also plan to double down on my presence.

My homework: Scour through 150 podcast episodes and try to come up with 50–100 article topics. Micro-content and build a library of articles for Medium & LinkedIN.

Health & Wellness:
This is really #1 priority. I am almost 48. I feel great. I want to feel amazing. No back pain for one. I am convinced that if you take care of your body, everything else falls in place. I’m determined to get in the best shape of my life because I know it will carry over to my business goals.

Homework in Nantucket: Learn to jump-rope. I mean long enough to make it an exercise routine. I bought a jump-rope and I stink at it. AKA…I’m pooped after a few minutes of trying. I’ll get it.

Bottom Line:

My priorities and vision is still on point and in check. Taking a step back and taking a break does the body and mind good. My summer break may go on longer than my 2-weeks in Nantucket. That is okay if I need it. Just do not confuse taking a break with being lazy and unmotivated. Two different things. Creating the life you want and running a successful business is non-stop hard work, but it is vital you block out times to clear the board and think and refresh and re-evaluate. Checking in with yourself is essential.

Plato said: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than you can in a year of conversation” What makes you tick? Are you doing enough of what brings you the most happiness? If not, set aside some time and give yourself a break.


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The Freedom Show

The Freedom Show


“The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage. ” –Thucydides, Philosopher Today is all about freedom, happiness and the power of letting go and

Episode Summary:

I have spent the past few months aggressively purging and de-cluttering my physical and digital environments and taking inventory of my business and life. Taking inventory means looking in the mirror and doing an honest self-audit. One of the difficult truths or realities I came to terms with in doing a self-audit is this podcast is holding me back and it is weighing me down. My stubbornness and determination could keep it going forever, but the reality is it has become a bit of a burden and I know that is not healthy. I have had to remind the self-critic in me that letting go is not the same as quitting or giving up. It simply means letting go to make room for something new. Announcement: Mike Murphy Unplugged is going on Summer Hiatus. I have decided to press the pause button on Mike Murphy Unplugged after episode 150. I am not done podcasting, just taking a break for now. I started Mike Murphy Unplugged in September of 2015 and I have published a new episode every Friday morning at 6:00 am without fail. I started this podcast to help me find my voice as a creative and to give myself a foundation and platform to teach. I am extremely proud of the body of work I have created and would not trade the experience for the world, but it’s time to start a new chapter.

My Backstory of Things:

I moved from Colorado to Montana to Portland to New Hampshire and back to Colorado and traveled everywhere in between often living out of my Subaru wagon or VW Van. The freedom and independence I had was largely due to not owning much stuff. Being debt-free and not wanting or requiring extraneous things allowed me to be swift and pick up and go when an opportunity to travel knocked. One Man Band You hear me say that I am a One Man Band a lot. This independence is what the term represents to me. The ability to move and do what I want on my terms. This comes from me having control and not being tied down to things. I can pick up and go whenever I want. I am putting in the hard work in my business to allow me to work from anywhere in the world. That is the life I want. For me, simplifying and de-cluttering and cutting back to only having the essentials is about having control over the things that matter most in life and doing eliminating things that are not helping me achieve my business goals. It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed and feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and I think a lot of you may feel this way. I refuse to live a life filled with negativity and stress and conflict, and getting rid of excess is my remedy for peace of mind regaining control. The less I have the better I feel.

My Minimalist Process

For the past several months I have been actively cleaning house on my physical and digital spaces and I’ve turned it into a game almost to see how much stuff I can get rid of. I started thinning things out. Everything. Even things that are small or you think don’t take up much room. It’s amazing how getting rid of the small stuff makes such a difference. I went room by room, drawer by drawer and bag by bag. Any gear or tool or attachment big or small that I did not use or need on a regular basis went out to the pod shed to be given away or sold on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. I cleaned out every cupboard in my kitchen and got rid of excess silverware, gadgets, plates, glasses, mugs, spices, pots and pans. Condiments in the fridge. Cleaning supplies. All gone. The little things you never notice make a huge difference when you get rid of them. I took generic artwork off the walls and got rid of furniture that served no purpose. I cleaned out all junk drawers and only kept the essentials. I purged pencils and pens, envelopes and anything in drawers that I rarely used. In the bathroom, I cleaned everything under the sink and got rid of towels and supplies and kept only what I use and need. The theme to letting go. Keep the essentials and get rid of everything else. I am constantly going through my clothes and eliminating anything I do not wear on a regular basis. Shoes, sneakers, t-shirts, old sweatshirts, hats, old socks, underwear, etc. Etc. Blankets, sheets, pillows, books, cables, cords, chargers. I took the same mode of attack on my digital and online world. I once had 10 screens of iPhone apps and am now down to 2 1/2. I cleaned all of my hard drives and Google Drives and deleted anything I no longer needed and made sure everything was perfectly backed up and mirrored so I was in complete control of my data and workflow. Applications on my Mac that I no longer use got deleted. I have been ruthless at unsubscribing from emails and have even taken it a step farther to delete as many accounts as I can. Anything and everything I do not use, I delete as it is one less notification or distraction.

What are the benefits of letting go and cleaning house?

I feel lighter and cleaner and freer.Remember, the secret to happiness is freedom. Less stuff makes me feel swift and nimble. Reduced stress and overwhelm from knowing what you have. My mind is much more focused and clear. I feel way more motivated and productive. I’ve made a few hundred dollars so far selling things. I do not want to buy anything new because it feels so good having less so you save money naturally. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the process of simplifying your belongings carries over to everything you do. You really start to appreciate the little things again and prioritize what really matters in life and in my business. The trees through the forest.

My Why

Creating the life I want for me just means is that I am free to live life on my own terms and do what I want when I want. I have done this my whole life, the only difference now is that I am figuring out how to build a business that will support myself financially instead of relying on jobs and working for others. My why for Mike Murphy LLC and Murphy Concierge and working day in and day creating content and giving it my all building an online business and brand is freedom. Creative & Financial Freedom is my vision of success for my business. Freedom to travel and do things that inspire me and make me happy is my vision of success for life. I did not expect it to be easy and I knew that it would take a lot of trial and error and ups and downs and pivots and adjustments. I recognized an area of my content creation machine that was introducing negativity in my mindset and slowing down my progress. While I could fight through it week after week, it would be for the wrong reasons. I do not need to prove my work ethic and determination to anyone but myself and I need to do whatever it takes to make progress. Making the decision to press the pause button on Mike Murphy Unplugged was not an easy decision, but my heart of hearts knows it’s the right decision for now. I am not quitting or giving up, I am simply evolving and moving forward on my road to freedom and happiness.


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The IGTV Show

The IGTV Show

Ep148: The IGTV Show

All about Instagram TV.Episode Summary: What is IGTV? How does it work? Why might you use it for your business & brand? How do I plan on using it for Mike Murphy Co?Follow me on Instagram & IGTV @mikeunplugged.

What is IGTV?

IGTV was launched in late June 2018 by Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook.There are now over 1 Billion users on Instagram. There are over 2 Billion users on Facebook.IGTV is a standalone app, separate from Instagram, but you can access IGTV from the main Instagram app. So what exactly is IGTV? Many are referring to it as TV for mobile devices, aka your phones.The channels on IGTV are you and me.Every content creator is their own channel and it is open to anyone and everyone.IGTV gives you a channel for you to create content that people browsing IGTV and can stop and watch and if they like what they can see, they can let you know by liking or commenting and following you, just like on Instagram.When you open IGTV, videos start playing automatically. Just like when you turn on your TV.Instagram gives you some options to browse including: For You, Explore, Following & Popular and you can search for creators.You cannot search for topics, but you can search for channels.Open the IGTV app and videos will start playing or if you are in the main Instagram app, just look in the upper right for the Orange TV icon and that will take you into IGTV.

How Does IGTV Work?

IGTV is all about vertical videos for your phone. The correct aspect ratio for IGTV is 9:16. The 9 is the width and the 16 is the height. This is the opposite of horizontal videos you would post on YouTube which have an aspect ration of 16:9. Just think vertical. Taller than it is wide.Tip: Do not place text or important elements or graphics close to the edges when making videos for IGTV or they may get caught off on certain phones.The most common size you will likely use for IGTV is 1080 px wide by 1920 pixels high. This is what your iPhone shoots and is the exact same aspect ratio and size for Instagram Stories.Videos you make for IGTV must be a minimum of 15 seconds long and a maximum of 10 minutes long.For accounts with over 10,000 followers & verified accounts can post videos up to 1-hour long, but for now, the average creator is limited to a maximum of 10-minutes per video.You can upload videos from your phone or in a web browser like Chrome or Safari which is pretty convenient.You can select a Custom Thumbnail or Cover Image. You can add a Title & Description And you have the option to Share to your Facebook Pages.If you do have over 10,000 followers and find you have the option to upload 1-hour videos, you will have to use a web browser. Uploading from a phone is not an option for the long videos.Viewers of your IGTV videos can leave comments that will show up in both IGTV and Instagram. They can also like and share to friends.IGTV also integrates with Instagram Stories in that you can create links in your Stories and viewers can simply swipe up and it will take them directly to any video you link to on your IGTV channel.

So Why Should You Consider Using it for your business or brand?

For starters, remember the stat about Instagram & Facebook having 3 Billion users, well that is one important reason.Instagram is massively popular and IGTV could be a really big deal for creators and brands to get exposure and market your business.IGTV is the first of its kind to focus on video made for phones (vertical) and mobile devices is how people are currently consuming the most content today, so the bottom line is IGTV is relevant and is adapting to the technology and the end user.You need to be where the eyeballs are, plain and simple and there is a lot of eyeballs on Instagram & Facebook.You cannot win if you do not play.You should consider using IGTV for your business and brand for many reasons, but here are a few: You can tell the story of your brand in long-form videos. You can market and advertise products and services. You can entertain or educate your followers and clients. You can network and collaborate with other brands and businesses. You can paint the picture of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish in your own creative way.Aside: Creating content is hard. Keeping up with the popular social media channel or buzz of the day is exhausting. One week you need to be doing Facebook Live and the next week it’s Instagram Live or Instagram Stories and now it’s IGTV. You can’t do everything and be everywhere at once, but you do need to be smart and be where people are and currently Instagram is wildly popular and influential, so you should not sleep on it.But here’s the secret, you need to get good at making content (writing, making videos, recording podcasts) because those are the core skills required to be relevant online today.Stop worrying about it and just figure out a method that you can get content out to the world that represents you and your business or brand. It does not have to be fancy or high-production, it just has to be uploaded so people can see it.Do not go on IGTV because everyone is doing it or it’s the latest thing. Go on IGTV because it is an opportunity to reach more people and showcase your skills or talents or products and services or whatever you are trying to achieve with your online presence. Maybe you want to grow your podcast audience. Maybe you want to send people to your YouTube channel. It doesn’t matter. It’s a a free and open stage for you to do anything. You just have to be innovative and put in the work.

How Do I Plan on Using IGTV:

I’m not overthinking and I am putting up content, but I see an open canvas and a real opportunity to showcase everything I am building in my own unique voice and style and to sharpen my skills and talents.I am looking at IGTV like a YouTube channel but with more opportunity to be creative and mix up the content.I plan on posting tutorials and quick tips made for vertical viewing.I plan on creating entertaining and fun animation style videos that range from promoting this podcast to promoting Murphy Concierge that may be marketing my business but also showing my skills as a creative and video creator.I also plan on doing behind the scenes and vlog style videos that are a little more cinematic and interesting. Not overly polished or dramatic, but visually interesting and storytelling in nature with voiceover narratives or music driving the video.I see IGTV as the almost perfect platform for creatives to let their freak flag fly and be unique by doing something nobody else has done before.IGTV is going to be my reality show for Mike Murphy Co and I can tell the story however I want and people will watch if it is entertaining, inspiring or they can make a connection with me. That will take trying new things and experimenting. I’m good with that and you should be too.In short for me, IGTV I am looking at as a story-telling platform for me and my brand. I plan to share who I am am what I am doing in my own version of a vlog. A creative infomercial And to be clear, the content I create may be promoting me or showcasing my skills, but everything I make is with the end user in mind. Will this piece of content teach something or be entertaining or will it inspire people to go create something for themselves.

In conclusion:

IGTV is a standalone app on iOS & Android Phones that plays vertical videos 24/7 and it and the channels on this TV are individual creators. Everyone is welcome to create content on IGTV.You cannot shoot live videos on Instagram TV. Videos can be uploaded from your Camera Roll on your phone or you can use a web browser on your computer, which is a nice feature.Videos must be at least 15 seconds long and up to 10 minutes maximum. If you have over 10,000 followers or are a verified account you can upload videos up to 1 hour long, but you must use a browser to upload the longer videos.The aspect ratio for IGTV videos is 9:16. The opposite of wide/horizontal videos you watch on YouTube. The size you will most like make for videos is 1080px wide by 1920 px high.Why you should consider using IGTV to promote your business and brand: Because Instagram & Facebook is big. There is a lot of positive momentum. There is endless opportunity for you whether it be to grow your podcast or sell your product or simply build a community. Do not feel compelled to create IGTV because you feel pressured. Do it because you understand that connecting with people and having your message and story be heard is the name of the game, and the easiest way to do so is to go where people are. IGTV may or may not be a big deal in a few months from now and it does not matter. What matters is the practice and exercise of telling your story and building relationships with people who want to be part of your journey. IGTV is giving you a really easy platform for you to do anything you want. You just have to do it.Me on IGTV? I will post tutorials, but I am also figuring out how to double down on sharing my story of building an online business around teaching people how to create content and inspiring people to create the life they want, by demonstrating how I am doing it. I make no bones about it that it is hard and can be frustrating at times and there is tons of self-doubt and uncertainty involved, but I know it will be worth it and I want to take others along the ride for fuel to keep creating and to make an impact.If you have questions about IGTV or anything, you can reach me anytime at


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The Be Good Show

The Be Good Show


I have spent the past week laughing and crying and I also figured out the recipe for success as a content creator and I’m going to share it with you in this episode.

Episode Summary: Today’s is about understanding what matters in life and how to build a brand and create content that makes a positive impact on others.

Today is about priorities and urgency. You have one chance at this game of life. Do a self-audit The recipe for success for content creators.

The Story:

Last week I lost a friend. Good times with Mike was all I could think about. I know that everyone who ever came in contact with him probably had a similar experience. He made an impact.

My to-do list and goals for business and money worries and all of the mundane things that show up nearly everyday were out of mind.

And when I was reflecting on all of the good times, I never once thought about where Mike worked or how successful he was or how much money he made. I remembered the little things and laughing and having fun and the pure joy everyone felt when he was around.

Side Tip #1: Take photos and videos everytime you are with friends and family regardless of how many times you are together and have a system to organize and backup your photos so you can easily find and share when you really need them.

I remember Mike saying hello to everyone and holding the door for people and giving up his seat for an older person at the bar. I remember all of the nice things he did for people when nobody was looking.

Like all of us, he had so many shortcomings and weaknesses and imperfections and I didn’t remember those things as anything other than that’s who he was.

Being a good human being at the core is all I remember.

Self-Audit: Look in the Mirror

My question to you: If you leave this earth tomorrow, how do you think you will you be remembered? Will those who knew you spend all day looking at photos and laughing and crying about all of the good times spent with you? Will your life have a positive impact on those who meet you whether it is in person or online?

What can you do? Start today by doing the little things that make the biggest impact: Laughing Smiling Saying Hello to Strangers Being Nice to people Doing your best Working hard Being reliable & dependable (someone to count on) Being a good friend and family member. Doing the right thing when nobody is looking.

These are universal ingredients to being a good human being.

Are you doing these things every day?

When is the last time you did a self-audit or gut check on your overall mood and attitude and the energy that you are giving out to the world.

It often takes a death or near-death experience for people to pause and reflect and that is okay.

Life Lessons & Content Creation

I have created 147 podcast episodes and looking back, the episodes that get the most feedback and comments are those where I share a personal story.

I have close to 500 videos on YouTube and the comments I get the most by a long shot are wow, thank you so much for responding. I didn’t actually expect you to.

The same thing happens when people fill out the Contact form on my website or email me directly. I cannot believe you actually wrote me back. Disbelief.

Quite honestly, this is baffling to me, because why wouldn’t I reply or answer someone who took the time to write me? Common Courtesy 101.

You are never be too busy or important to not hit reply or say thank you when someone reaches out to you. Gary Vee has millions of followers and he personally replies to emails and tweets and so do countless others who have massive followers.

Recipe For Content Creators:

Create content for people.

Is what you are making something you would want to consume and do you put effort and care into what you make? Creating content is about establishing relationships and you should treat the relationship with your audience with the same respect you would a good friend.

Positivity. Be optimistic and focus on the good. Make content with pure intentions.

Make content that you think will positively impact others whether it be to entertain or make them laugh or to teach them something that will help them move forward or solve a problem.

The positivity is you doing what you love and creating content you genuinely believe in. The positivity and optimism is about your mindset and doing the right thing for the right reasons.

How does your content make people feel?

Self-Awareness. Be you 100% of the time. You are not in a competition with anyone but yourself. You do not need to be concerned with what anyone else is doing but yourself. And you need to go all in on the things you do well.

Story. It’s the most important element really and ties everything together.

Stories are all people remember and think about and share with others.

When my friend died, I remembered the stories. The experiences we shared that made me smile or laugh or took me back to a place. Stories connect people and trigger emotions and make your content relateable.

Why do people love Instagram Stories and Snapchat and likely Instagram TV? Because creators let their guard down and tell their real story by just being themselves.

Your business and brand and content is telling your story in everything you do and it’s up to you what the narrative is. You have complete control over how your story is told, but the way to make it stick and to be memorable is consistency.

My Story:The story I am telling is the journey I am on to make it as a content creator and not the actual content I make everyday.

My story is that I am putting in the hard work to create the life I want and be the best person I can be in life and in business. My story is that I am relentless and will not stop trying until I figure it all out. I tell it over and over by showing up everyday regardless of how hard it is and at the end of the day that is what people see in my content. And if the content brings value to the lives of others then the story will be shared and that is the recipe for success.

The recipe for success in business & in life:

Be nice to others. Mean what you stay. Spread a positive message simply by being a person of good character and working hard. Be yourself. It’s much easier. Go all in on what you are good at and what you enjoy. Make content that you care about and that you genuinely think others will find value. Make content that makes a connection with others and builds relationships. The content you create tells the story of you and your brand. Make it good and keep it real.

One at bat:

Live each day like it matters. Create and do work like it matters. Be the person or brand that make’s other people’s lives better just by knowing you.


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The Writing A Book Show

The Writing A Book Show

Ep146: The Writing A Book Show

If you have ever thought about self-publishing a book on Amazon, today I am going to take you behind the scenes of my experience and the steps I took to self-publish my first eBook

Episode Summary:

How did I write my new eBook: How To Podcast on
What tools and resources did I use?
What was the process and workflow and my overall experience?

The eBook:
How To Podcast on The Step-by-Step Guide

The Story:
If you want to hear the whole story behind why I wrote an eBook on How To Podcast on go back and listen to Episode 142 in which I tell the whole story of me & The Professor.

The Main Tools I used to Self-Publish My First Book on

Writing Tool:

My writing tool of choice.
I write every script for this podcast in Scrivener and it is what I used to write the entire eBook.

Scrivener: $50

Why I like Scrivener:
The organization ability. It uses a sidebar where you can create folders and keep any size project neat and tidy. This podcast has 146 episodes and all I can see is one folder that says Podcast. Love it.

It’s fast and easy to create a new document and just start writing.

Auto-save. Just like Google Docs, you just have to write and Scrivener saves everything while you work and backups up your project when you close out of the application.

Cloud Backup. Scrivener is backed up to the cloud and syncs on my iPhone and iPad, so I can write on any device.

Design & Marketing Graphics, etc:

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & Indesign

Logos, Fonts, Colors, Images, Graphics, Mockups, etc.

The trifecta of design tools.

Adobe Creative Cloud: $50/month

Formatting Tool:

Vellum is a standalone application for Macs only makes formatting eBooks and print simple and actually kind of fun. Highly recommend.

Vellum is $200 for an unlimited license

Tip #1: Proofread & Edit!! Have as many people as you can proofread and help you edit your eBook as your eyes will start playing tricks on you and it is really easy to miss errors.

Tip 2: Upload to Amazon KDP first. Hold off on the others (Google, iBooks, Nook) until you fix all errors. Give it a week or so so you only have to replace in one st

KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing:

where all the magic happens in self-publishing

Link to KDP:

Past Episodes on Self-Publishing:
Episodes 72, 73 & 74 where I go into detail about Amazon KDP and all of the Amazon self-publishing tools.

If you plan on writing an eBook, creating an account on KDP should almost be your first step, especially if you know the title so you can make sure there is not a book with the same title and you can make sure nobody takes your title while you are writing.

KDP is free and I must say it is a giant wealth of helpful resources and tools to help you with every step of self-publishing a book and I highly recommend setting plenty of time aside to explore.

The Kindle Store is where people will buy your eBook and KDP is where you are going to upload your manuscript and cover and the print version.

I priced How To Podcast on at $3.99 and I make around $2 per eBook in royalties.

The paperback is $15.99 (I chose color) and I make about $1.50.

I make more profit on eBooks.

Quick Recap of the Steps:

  1. Figure out your topic
  2. Create an account on Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP and enter your Working Title and Verify the Rights so you don’t have to worry about a conflict later. This step of creating an account first is also a motivational hack as it one step closer to you self-publishing a book. It’s the taking action that feels good.
  3. Research and write your book in your writing tool of choice. I used Scrivener.
  4. Create a Cover. Go to Amazon and for inspiration for the cover design.
  5. Create a branding scheme so you can be consistent with Fonts, Colors and the marketing of your eBook.
  6. Have a headshot and author bio will also be important.
  7. Edit your book like crazy. Every word matters. Remove fluff.
  8. Use Grammarly or a tool like Hemingway to check your grammar.
  9. Format for Kindle and other devices. This step is challenging. I used an application called Vellum that was $199 and only available on Macs. It was worth every penny.
  10. Upload your book to KDP. Create an author page. Sell your book with a good description and copy. Set the price.
  11. Sit back and watch the money pile up.

My Overall Experience:

The truth: It was harder than I thought to write a 10,500 word eBook. This podcast is 2500 words, so my book was about 4 podcasts worth of content. It was also hard writing a book that had a lot of technical steps and information to cover that would be much easier to teach with videos but have to convert it into a book format. Organizing a ton of content into smaller digestible chunks took a lot of time and effort.

Book sales have been underwhelming so far and it did not generate the immediate buzz I thought could happen because this was a topic not discussed in the podcast community. There are millions of eBooks on Amazon and I’m pretty sure mine is the only one about podcasting on I’m still optimistic that I’m just early to the game, and when starts actively promoting podcasting, my ebook and video course will be there to save the day.

In conclusion:
If you have always wanted to write a book, starting with an Ebook is a great warmup. It’s more or less the same process, only shorter number of words. I see everything as practice and training for the future.

If you have questions or need help, as always email me at or hit me up on the social media channels.


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The Creator Show

The Creator Show

EP145_The Creator Show

What does it really take to create online content and to create the life you want?

Episode Summary:
What does it take to make it as a content creator?
What does it take to succeed in business?
What does it take to create the life you want?

The easy answer to all three of those questions is hard work, consistency, persistence, and patience., but I’m going to go a little deeper on what it really takes to master your craft and make a living doing what you love

Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

.Episode 145 is a motivational episode, but it may also be a harsh reality check and a bit of a warning call for those looking to build a personal brand or online business.

This episode is to force you to take a step back and look in the mirror and do a real gut check and to really determine if you are doing all you can to succeed and to stop making excuses.

Content creation is no longer an option or choice for brands and businesses who want to be relevant online. It is a requirement.

It’s noisy. You have to work to get the attention of your target audience and you have to learn what and how they consume content.

Take small steps, but take them and be ready to shift and pivot as things change.
Do an audit of your online presence.
Is your website fully functional on a mobile phone?
When was the last time you updated your website or added new content to your social media channels?
Are you giving people a reason to want to do business with you? Can people reach you easily?

This episode 145 is to remind you that there is no easy button or shortcut for creating content so stop looking for it. Okay, let’s get into it.

The Backstory:

This episode was inspired by a video made this week titled ‘Why it takes 3 hours to make a 30-second video’. Based on the feedback and reactions, I think it may have hit home for some


The moral of the story was things are not always what they seem and hard work is required to be great at your craft and create the life you want.

Content creation, working for yourself, it’s not easy. It takes time and most of all it takes hard work and patience. And it’s not easy for anyone. Those who make it look easy are called pros and they went through exactly the same struggle only they stuck with it and have been doing it longer. It takes time and patience. For everyone.

Every article you read on blogs or Medium or LinkedIn.
Every podcast episode.
Every video on YouTube.
Every story on Instagram.
Every piece of content. Period.

We see the finished products.

We do not see the years of taking classes and tutorials, practicing, hashing out ideas, and the research time and the writing time and the prep time, the set up time of gear, cameras and lights and audio and the 20 takes it took them to do their intro and the re-shoots do to bad lighting and flickering and audio problems, etc etc.

Why People Quit

The average podcaster pod fades or quits before the 7th episode. Most daily vlogs do not make it a week.

The reason most individuals or brands and businesses quit vlogging, podcasting, blogging and insert any other craft here is that it’s really hard and takes a lot of time and practice and dedication to master.

Translation: It’s a pain in the #$! And the climb up is not a lot of fun at times, but you will get better and faster.

The other reason people quit is self-doubt caused by your friends and family and significant others.

You get embarrassed maybe that it’s taking so long or maybe they get on your case to give up and get a real job. Then you start looking at the pros and wonder what is wrong with you. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Do you really want it and are you working as hard as required?

You have to block out the negativity and do your thing if you genuinely believe in what you are doing. Be relentless.

My Content

Tech & Creativity come easy for me and creating content on a regular basis is still challenging for me.

This podcast is 15 mins long and some episodes take me several hours to write the script. The recording and editing and all the other stuff is really easy for me, but still takes a few hours when said and done.

The promo video that I make every week takes 2–4 hours to make in After Effects. The social media posting and Medium article I write for each episode adds another hour or so. One 15-minute episode could realistically take 15–20 hours per week.

My daily tutorials are under 2 minutes long and I make them very quickly usually and they still might take 4 hours from start to finish. Some days are smooth and other days my computer is struggling or Screenflow and Camtasia are buggy and crashing or any number of issues that can make a 2 minute video take 8 hours to finish.
I create daily content on Instagram which is the easiest thing I create all day because I keep it very loose and casual, but I put time and effort into it and use my creative juices.

Why do I do it? Because I am in this for the long haul and do not want to be an average creator and educator. I want to be at the top of my game and I want to to be successful which means I can make a living doing what I love from anywhere in the world. My version of success is complete lifestyle and financial freedom to do what I want on my terms. It’s taking longer than I originally hoped for, but I am confident in my trajectory and I am patient and diligent.

The Truth about Content Creation & Creating the life You Want:

It’s a grind.
It’s relentless.
It’s not always fun.
It can really suck.
It takes time and patience.

I am doing what is required to be relevant online.

Are you?

The Future

I’m doing this because I believe the world is changing fast and right before our eyes and the opportunities are limitless for those who are ready and willing to play in the big leagues and adapt and evolve and transition to the new technologies and the new ways of doing online business that is a mystery to everyone. If you are trying to build a brand or online platform and you are not preparing and practicing the basics and fundamentals which are currently social media content, podcasting, videos, writing articles and books and tomorrow it could be augmented reality or who knows. But if you are turning a blind eye because creating content or learning new tech and skills is too time consuming and hard, you are going to blink and wake up too far behind to catch up.

Start small, but start now. Start a podcast. Update your social media channels. Learn the online habits of your target audience and create for them in your voice and share your story so people can connect with you. The internet and content creation and storytelling through multiple mediums is not a passing fad and the changes are going to start coming faster and faster, so like Wayne Gretzky, you have to skate towards the puck and not where it currently is, but if you are really far behind, you need to kick it in gear.

The easy button does not exist. Remember that. Do not compare yourself to anyone online or think they must have taken a shortcut because you are smarter or more talented. Luck happens, but it is rarely the reason people achieve long-term success, which is what we ultimately want isn’t it?

Creating the life you want.
You really didn’t think it would be easy did you?
But don’t you think it’s worth the effort?

Email me anytime at with questions, comments, feedback or if you need 1–1 consulting.


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Amazon/Affiliate Disclosure:
Mike Murphy LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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