DSLR Canon t5i. This is my main camera that I use for HD video, stills, travel, and most everything. Love this camera.

Webcam: Logitech c920. The best sub-$100 camera out there. I use this for all of my screencasts, Skype, Blab and for projects where I need an extra angle. This is a great little HD webcam.

Action Cameras: GoPro Hero 3 & 4 Black. What can I say about GoPros. They are fun and very high quality. I use them mostly for time-lapse video and just experimental video stuff.

Point & Shoot: iPhone 6Canon G11. Both incredible cameras. The G11 was my favorite camera for many years and I still use it every so often, but find myself using iPhone more and more.


1. Canon 18-55 mm Kit Lens: This lens is a very good all purpose kit lens.

2. Canon 10-18 mm Lens. Wide angle lens that I really love to use while traveling to get landscapes and dramatic city shots.

3. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens: Incredible lens for only $125. The depth of field is so shallow and it makes product shots look so good. This is Canon’s upgrade to the famous nifty fifty and this is a must have lens for me.

4. Canon 24–105 mm Lens: My best quality lens that I use for just about everything. Solid L-series (red ring) and a noticeable quality difference between it and the kit lens. I bought this lens on Craigslist and it goes with me everywhere.


Photo & Video:

It is becoming more and more important for businesses to leverage the power of video into their marketing and business strategies. Video and live streaming are here to stay and having quality video and imagery is necessary. Keep it simple as working with video footage is not easy or quick so the more simple your setup the better. When I record talking head videos with my DSLR and external mic I have to sync everything up on the computer, the files are large and taxing on my computer so the editing can be slow and the whole process is work. Be aware of this before you go investing in a bunch of camera equipment. The more knowledgeable I get in video and photography, the less gear I want (kind of, sort of). What I mean, is I try to use my webcam (Logitech c920) when I can for simple videos because the footage goes right to my computer and it’s easy. When I can use my iPhone for video I use it, because the quality is excellent and there is little to do in post. But I will say, you must try to get the best possible video quality, lighting and audio you can at all times, so some investment is required, just try to keep the setup manageable.


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