How To Use The New Boomerang Effects in Instagram Stories

New in 2020! Boomerang Effects in Instagram Stories
  • Boomerang is an Instagram Effect that creates a ping-pong or back and forth animated gif style animation.
  • In January 2020, Instagram released three new add-on effects to the Classic Boomerang (Slow-Mo, Echo, & Duo).
  • They are available in Instagram Stories and can be posted to Stories or you can save to Camera Roll and post on your main Instagram Feed.
  • To Access: Open Instagram Stories, Change Shooting Mode to Boomerang, Click Shutter Button, Tap Infinity Symbol, Swipe for New Boomerang Effects.
  • Trim: You can now trim the length of Boomerangs by dragging in the handles located at the bottom of your screen in Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories Boomerang Effects (New in 2020):

1. Classic (1-second animated gif)
2. SlowMo (2-second slow motion)
3. Echo (Motion Blur/Trails Effect)
4. Duo (Glitchy Ping-Pong Effect)

1. Classic ….2. Slow-Mo….3. Echo….4. Duo

How To Use Boomerang Effects in Instagram Stories

  1. Update the Instagram App to the latest version iOS App (Version 126.0 at the time of this tutorial)
  2. Open Instagram App
  3. Swipe Right to Open Instagram Stories or Click Camera Icon
  4. Change Shooting Mode to Boomerang
  5. Take a Boomerang by clicking Shutter Button (animated gif)
  6. Tap on Infinity icon in the top row of icons
  7. Swipe to preview the Boomerang Effects (Classic, Slow-Mo, Echo, or Duo)
  8. Select the Boomerang Effect you want to use
  9. Trim Clip by dragging handles at the bottom of the screen
  10. Click Done
  11. Share to Story or Save to Camera Roll
1. Change Shooting Mode to Boomerang…2. Click Shutter Button….3. Tap Infinity Symbol at Top

Trim Clip:

Adjust the duration of Boomerangs by dragging in the handles on either side

1. Drag Handles to change the duration of Boomerang
2. Click Done

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