After Effects CC 2023: Blinking Cursor Typewriter Console Effect

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This tutorial will show you how to add and customize the Blinking Cursor Typewriter Console Effect to Text Layers in Adobe After Effects CC 2023. This effect has a blinking cursor that follows the text as it animates on the screen.

  • The Blinking Cursor Typewriter Console Effect is a Text Animation in the ‘Animate In’ category

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Preview Animation (Tap Spacebar)
Reveal All Keyframes (U)

Font Used (Adobe Fonts):
Calling Code

Retro Keyboard Image:
Envato Elements

00:05 Intro: About the Tutorial
00:23 Composition Settings
00:30 Add Text + Background Image
00:56 Font Used: Calling Code (Adobe Fonts)
01:09 Effects & Presets: Blinking Cursor Typewriter Effect
01:24 Apply Effect to Text Layer
01:42  Preview the effect (Tap Spacebar)
01:50 Customize the Effect
02:00 Reveal All Keyframes (U)
02:07 Blinking Cursor Effect Properties
02:23 Hold the blinking cursor
03:10 Pause the animation


Software Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2023 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Add Blinking Cursor Typewriter Console Effect in AE 2023:

  1. Create A New Composition (Cmd/Ctrl + N)
  2. Add Text Layer
  3. Add Background Layer (optional)
  4. Drag the playhead to the beginning of the Timeline
  5. Select Text Layer
  6. Go to Effects & Presets Panel (Windows…Effects & Presets)
  7. Search for ‘Typewriter’
  8. Select ‘Blinking Cursor Typewriter Console Effect’
  9. Double-click or click and drag Effect onto Comp Window
  10. Go to ‘Effect Controls’ to customize
    1. Animation (Start & End Keyframes)
    2. Cursor On/Off (Show or Hide Cursor)
    3. Cursor Shape (multiple options in the drop-down menu)
    4. Cursor Blink Speed (how fast the cursor blinks)
  11. Move keyframes to delay the blinking cursor effect 
  12. Move keyframes further apart to slow down the animation
  13. Add additional keyframes to control the speed