Screenflow 10: How To Nest Clips

This tutorial will show you how to Batch Export or Render multiple ScreenFlow projects all at the same time. This makes it possible to export or render videos in the background while editing another project in Screenflow 10.

Software Used:
Screenflow 10 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Batch Export in Screenflow 10:

  1. Open Screenflow application 
  2. Click on File in the Top Menu
  3. Select ‘Batch Export’
  4. Click the Plus (‘+’) icon in the bottom left corner, or drag Screenflow projects into the left sidebar
  5. If you click the Plus (‘+’) icon, navigate and select Screenflow Project to add in Finder
  6. Add as many Screenflow Projects in the ‘Documents’ sidebar as necessary
  7. Choose ‘Output Folder’ (where to save exports)
  8. Select ‘Preset’ (ex Web-High)
  9. Select or Enter Dimensions for Exported Files
  10. Click ‘Begin’ to Batch Export

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