The Change Show

The Change Show

EP156: The Change Show

In Today’s episode, I am going to read a simple, but practical checklist from a book that I recently finished to help or inspire you to create a positive change in your life

In Episode 156: The Change Show:

The checklist I am going to share with you today is from the book, What to Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter which is all about rewiring your brain with positive thoughts and self-talk.

Buy Book on Amazon: (affiliate link)

What to Say When You Talk to Your Self
by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D


If you have an Amazon Alexa device, you can buy Kindle books on Amazon usually for $3.99 or less and use the Alexa app on our iOS Device and listen to your Kindle books like an audiobook. The voice of Alexa is a little robotic and not nearly as high of a production value as an Audible book, but it’s been a great discovery for me and I’m finding myself consuming a lot more books listening like I do podcasts at a fraction of the cost of Audible books.

Quote From Book:

Whatever you put into your mind in one way or another, is what you will get back out, in one way or another.

What does your self-talk sound like?

Are you kind and positive and encouraging when you talk to yourself?

Do you beat yourself up over all the things on your to-do list that you can’t seem to get done or the projects that you never seem to have time for or the failed attempts at getting in shape, or the inability to get ahead financially, etc.

Ways to Create Positive Change

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. Keep Your Priorities Straight
  3. Take Responsibility For Yourself
  4. Create Your Own Future
  5. Meditate Daily
  6. Practice Mindfulness
  7. Focus On What You Want
  8. Attract What You Desire
  9. Learn To Visualize The Outcome Of Your Goals
  10. Never Let Anyone Control Your Destiny For You
  11. Be Creative
  12. Think Big
  13. Control Stress
  14. Be Aggressive And Assertive
  15. Think Positively
  16. Chart Your Own Course
  17. Set Specific Goals And Review Them Often
  18. Spend Some Time Each Day Improving Your Mind
  19. Review Your Results And Readjust As Necessary
  20. Be Tolerant
  21. Do Everything With Love
  22. Don’t Hate
  23. Have Courage
  24. Recognize That Most Of What We Believe About Life Is An Illusion
  25. Be Honest
  26. Work Hard
  27. Believe Money Is Good And It Will Come To You
  28. Have Faith
  29. If You Agree To Do It, Enjoy It
  30. Be Strong
  31. Show Affection
  32. Manage Your Time
  33. Dress Right
  34. Learn To Sell Yourself
  35. Take Time Off
  36. Believe In A “Higher Self”
  37. Eat Right
  38. Live Prudently
  39. Seek The Aid Of Others Who Are In Sympathy With Your Goals
  40. Give Assistance To Others
  41. Keep Motivated
  42. Be Optimistic
  43. Trust Others And Be Worthy Of Trust
  44. Recognize That Success Is More Than Money
  45. Be Kind
  46. See The “Big Picture”
  47. Take Care Of The Details
  48. Get Organized
  49. Don’t Procrastinate
  50. Stay In Control
  51. Keep Fit
  52. See Problems As “Opportunities”
  53. Learn Everything You Can About Your Job
  54. Don’t Be Afraid Of Success
  55. Be Generous To Others
  56. Believe In God
  57. Reach A Little Higher Than You Thought You Could
  58. Set Your Sights
  59. Take Action
  60. Never Give Up

Gandhi said it best:

Be the Change You Wish to See in The World.

Buy Book on Amazon:

What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D

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Episode Notes:

Contact Me:


Instagram: @mikeunplugged

Twitter: @mikeunplugged


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The 4th Anniversary Show

The 4th Anniversary Show

EP155: The 4th Anniversary Show

Today is the 4th Anniversary of Mike Murphy Unplugged and I take a walk down memory lane and look at the takeaways from year 1 and see how they hold up today…a few years later !

In this Episode 155:

A big thank you to all of you who have been with me since the beginning of this journey! Cheers!

In this episode, I look at my Top 10 Takeaways from Year One and see how they stack up today. Year 1 Mike vs. 2019 Mike

Episode Notes:

The Top 10 List is from 2016 (Listen to see how they stack up to 2019)

  1. Podcasting is a big commitment and hard work:
  2. I am proud to be a one-man band
  3. Podcasting has made me a better teacher, thinker, writer…
  4. Podcasting has me be more confident in my abilities
  5. Podcasting can be fun and creative
  6. Writing scripts is not fun (but are rewarding)
  7. Done is definitely better than perfect
  8. Having templates and systems are Essential
  9. I stink at self-promotion & marketing
  10. Do it for yourself and everything will always be worth it. (2019)
Quotes from 2016:

Karen Lamb: “A year from now you will wish you had started today”.

Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”.

  • Patience is the key to most things in life.
  • Everything takes time, but you have to take initiative
  • Start creating and doing and taking chances
  • Launching the podcast was my first big shot on goal towards creating the life I wanted.
  • If I can do it, so can you.

Happy 4th Anniversary and Thank You!

Thank you for joining me today and I hope you join my one man band and together we can Learn. Create & Move Forward. Cheers, Mike.



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Mike Murphy LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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The Migration Show

The Migration Show

Ep154: The Migration Show

Episode Summary:
This episode breaks down the process of how to move your show (podcast) from one podcast hosting company to another without losing any subscribers.

Topics covered in this episode:

What is a podcast host?
What is a podcast directory?
What is an RSS Feed?
What is a 301 Redirect?
How do you move your show without losing subscribers?

What is a podcast host?

When you start podcast, one of the major decisions you will make is where to host your show. There are many podcast hosts available but some of the more popular ones include:

  1. Simplecast (my employer). I work full-time on the product support and content team.

Others hosting companies include:

  1. Libsyn
  2. Blubrry
  3. Podbean
  4. BuzzSprout
  5. Spreaker
  6. Soundcloud
  7. Anchor

What do podcast hosting platforms do?

Overview of Podcast Hosts:
1. Audio File Storage & Delivery
2. Generate your RSS Feed
3. Publishing & Syndication to directories.

1.  Audio File Storage & Delivery To store your audio files and serve them to listener devices when someone clicks play or download from a podcast app or an embed player or anywhere your podcast episodes can be accessed.

2. Generate your RSS Feed which is the link between your show and subscribers and to all of the podcast apps and directories.

Every podcast has one unique RSS Feed and that usually only changes when you change podcast hosts.

Note: Your RSS Feed is not always generated at the location where you store your audio files. When moving a show, you will do so wherever your RSS Feed is located and not necessarily where your audio files are stored.

My original set up was using the Powerpress plugin by Blubrry on my WordPress website and I hosted my audio files for download only on the podcast host, Libsyn.

If your RSS Feed was generated by Powerpress, then that is the location where you would redirect your feed.

Ask if you are not certain.

3. Publishing and Syndication To Directories. Podcast hosts make it possible for you to create and publish new episodes much like creating a blog post on a website. When you publish new episodes or make edits to already published episodes, your podcast hosting platform connects your RSS feed to the podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora so your show will always be updated automatically. This process of publishing and then updating everywhere automagically is possible because of the RSS Feed and this process is called syndication.

4. Additional roles of podcast hosts:
Analytics, websites, sharing tools, embed players, and some even have world-class support!

What is a Podcast Directory?

A podcast directory is simply a library or catalog of podcasts where one can browse, listen, and subscribe to new shows.

Major Podcast Directories:
Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts
Google Play
iHeart Radio

When you start a new show, you submit your RSS feed to as many of these directories as possible to get your show listed.

You only have to submit your show one time and when you publish new episodes they all get updated as we learned earlier because of your RSS Feed and the power of syndication.

Tip: Create an Apple Note or Text document and copy the URL for each directory listing for your own show.

What is an RSS Feed?:

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. (Wikipedia)

  • When you set up a new podcast you will get a unique RSS Feeds for your show. This is usually done by the podcast host.
  • If you set up your show on your WordPress website and use the Powerpress plugin or maybe you are podcasting through a Squarespace website, your RSS Feed will be generated and managed at your website.
  • Wherever you publish new episodes and manage the details about your show such as titles, descriptions, show art etc, is typically where your RSS feed is located.
  • An RSS Feed looks like any other hyperlink or URL, but it is actually a text document filled with code. If you click on it, it will not take you to your podcast, but will only show you a bunch of code. The code is full of all the information about your podcast along with special metadata tags that can be read by podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts or Overcast.
  • The RSS Feed is what you submit to the podcast directories, but it is not the link you share to post on websites or social media channels. Once you submit your show to the directories, it generally works behind the scenes.
  • Podcast directories mirror everything that is in the RSS Feed. When you make a change at your podcast host or wherever your RSS Feed originated, your RSS Feed updates as soon as you press Save or publish. When your RSS Feed changes, the podcast directories will see the changes the next time they refresh and the changes get updated wherever your podcast has been submitted.
  • Every podcast has one RSS Feed and it will not typically change unless you move your show to another hosting company.

Tip: Copy your RSS Feed URL to an Apple Note or text document so you always have it handy if you discover a new directory to submit to or for reference when you are ready to move your show to a new hosting platform.

What is a 301 Redirect?

  • A redirect is a way to send both users and devices to a different URL from the one they originally requested.
  • A 301 Redirect is one of the most common types of redirects and a 301 is permanent.
  • When you create a 301 Redirect for your podcast RSS feed when a listener device or app looks for your old RSS Feed, they get forwarded or redirected to your new RSS Feed and because it is permanent, they will never look for the old RSS feed again (in theory).
  • The 301 Redirect is how you can move your show without losing subscribers.
  • The 301 Redirect should also update many of the apps and directories, but you should check each directory and manually update the directories if they are still referencing your old RSS Feed.

Warning: The 301 Redirect is also how you will lose all of your hard-earned subscribers if you do not take your time and do it right. Ask if you need help or not sure how to do it. Creating a 301 Redirect is easy, but if you do not do it correctly, it is possible you could lose all of your subscribers and they would have no idea.

How To Move Your Show (Step-by-Step)

Tip: Always subscribe to your own show in Apple Podcasts and other mobile apps as you want to know exactly what your subscribers are experiencing and new episodes and changes to your show always happen much faster for subscribers, so it is the best way to monitor your show

Tip: Export your analytics data and copy any information you want for your records from your old podcast host. You will not be able to import your old analytics data to your new hosting company.

Every podcast host is a little different, but here is a typical scenario. I will use Simplecast as a guide since I know the process best for importing a new show:

1. Import RSS Feed to Podcast Host

– Setup a trial account on your new hosting platform.
– Paste your original RSS Feed to import your show. (This will only make a copy of your show and will not affect your podcast in the directories and it is not linked to your original host).

2. Enter Billing Information (credit card)
-Select the subscription plan you want to be on at the end of the trial period.

3. New RSS Feed.
-Once your show has been imported and billing setup, you will have access to a new RSS Feed.

4. 301 Redirect:
-When you have tested your new podcast host and are ready to ‘officially migrate’ your show from your old host to your new host, it is time to set up the 301 Redirect. This is the final step as once you do the 301 Redirect, you will no longer be publishing on your old host and will start publishing new episodes on your new host. All clear?

Where do you do the 301 Redirect?
– The 301 Redirect will always take place at the source of your original or old RSS Feed.
– You will paste in your new RSS Feed in the 301 Redirect field of your old host.
– The 301 Redirect will permanently forward your old RSS Feed to your new RSS Feed and this process takes effect immediately.
– Keep your old account open for up to 4 weeks just to be sure the Redirect has had enough time, but you will notice the redirect happening right away.
– Your old RSS Feed is no longer active once you create the 301 Redirect.

How you know if the 301 Redirect is working?
– Open a web browser.
– Paste your old RSS Feed into the address bar.
– If the redirect is working properly, your new RSS Feed should open in the browser.

5. Update The Directories
– Apple Podcasts and the other major directories and apps should update automatically once they look for your old RSS Feed, but to expedite the process and to make sure all of the directories are looking at your new feed, it is a good idea to manually update as many directories as possible.

-Some directories may require you to fill out an RSS Update form, but many directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher have portals where you can update your RSS Feed manually.

– Apple Podcasts is your priority as so many little directories pull the RSS Feed from Apple Podcasts. One thing you can do if you are hesitant or not sure if you want to manually enter your new RSS Feed is to log into Apple Podcasts Connect and click ’Refresh Feed’ and it should change to your new feed in about 20–30 minutes. Log back in to Apple Podcasts Connect and make sure you see your new RSS Feed in the URL field. If you do not, paste in your new RSS Feed and save.

6. Update Embed Players (in some cases)


– Depending on your setup, you may need to swap out the embed codes of your old embed players with your new hosting company web player embed codes

7. Publish New Episodes!

– Once you set the 301 Redirect and have updated the directories, it’s time to start publishing new episodes on your new host. You have officially moved your show and did not lose any subscribers.

For the first few episodes, just keep an eye on all of the directories and make sure new episodes are showing up.

Tip: Always subscribe to your own show in your mobile podcast apps. Directories can take a few hours to update when you publish new episodes or make changes, but subscribers will often get the updates in near real-time.

Force quit your Apple Podcasts app and re-open if you are not seeing updates after some time and starting to get impatient.


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The Budget Show

The Budget Show


EP153: The Budget Show

Behind the scenes of my simple and practical new financial freedom plan to help me create the life I want. Today is about taking action and control of your finances so you can create the life you want.

Episode Summary:

The motivation or my why for taking action on my finances.

The two books that helped me build the framework and key takeaways from each.

My new plan along with the tools I am using to put my financial plan on auto-pilot.

Part 1: Why am I taking action on my finances?

  • I turn 50 in November
  • Reduce stress and self-doubt
  • Financial Freedom
  • Peace of Mind
  • Control & Clarity
  • Always Moving Forward
  • Opportunity to Advance

Part 2: The 2 Books that led me to action

  1. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi
  2. The Latte Factor by David Bach

I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Buy on Amazon)
By Ramit Sethi



1st Edition:
My biggest takeaway from the 1st edition was setting up online banks for automating your finances. Set it and forget it. Deposit your paycheck in a checking account and have set amounts go to bills, savings, and investments automatically.

2st Edition:
I ordered the audiobook from Audible immediately and listened to it non-stop for 2 days.

This book is a crash course in the fundamentals of investing and also very tactical in that he gives step by step advice along with specific recommendations for investments and online banks.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich caused me to take action 10 years ago and it had the same effect on me the 2nd time around because the message throughout the book is taking the time to do this now will help you create the life you want.

This book will teach you exactly what to invest in, how to set up online banking so your savings and investing are automatic, and what it means to live a rich life.
It’s not about the money, it’s about intentional living and purpose.

The Latte Factor
by David Bach

Podcast Mentioned: The James Altucher Show

I also listened to The Latte Factor on Audible from start to finish.

The Latte Factor is story about a girl named Zoey who is a twenty-something working and living the dream in NYC and is buried under student loans, debt, and living paycheck to paycheck just trying to make ends meet. Not an unfamiliar story for many. The thought of savings and investing are the furthest thing from her mind as she can barely afford rent. This is a story many of us have experienced and it can be a vicious cycle of financial stress and worry working hard just to pay debts and eek by without being able to put any money aside for travel or savings or retirement.

Zoey meets a wise old man who changes her perspective and teaches her many valuable money and life lessons such as the power of compounding interest and one of the the most important lessons of this book and my biggest takeaway from the book is Pay yourself first.

**Pay Yourself First: **
You take the first hour of every working day and put that in your savings or investment account.

You work 8 hours per day
You take your hourly rate for 1 hour out of the 8 hours
You put the first hour of payin your savings or investment account.

You can multiply this 1 hour by the number of days you work or multiply by 7 for a full week.

Bonus Math Tip:
To get the hourly rate from any annual salary:
Divide the salary by 2 and that is the hourly rate.

If you make 50,000 per year.
50,000/2 is 25,000

If you make 75,000 per year.
75,000/2 is 37,500

If you make 100,000 per year.
100,000/2 is 50,000

Pay Yourself First Example (First Hour)
You make $50,000 per year which is $25/hour pre-taxes.
Save 1 hour per working day that is $25 x 5 days = $125
$125 week x 4 weeks = $450 per month by paying yourself the 1st hour of every day.

Use this as a benchmark.

Pay yourself first
Treat savings like an expense each month and you will be paying your self first.

Part 3: The Plan & Tools

I figured out my savings goal by using The Latte Factors pay yourself first.

I took my salary and divided it by 2 to get my hourly rate and then I multiplied that by 7 and rounded up to get my the total I wanted to save each month.

This total will fund my 401k, Roth, and my multiple savings buckets that I want to save for. Here are the specifics of my plan:

  1. Vanguard Funds (highly recommend) I moved my existing mutual fund and Roth IRA to Vanguard Funds
    Tip: Look up expense ratios. They matter. A lot.
  2. Ally Bank (highly recommend) I set up a new online banking account at Ally Bank and added multiple savings accounts that included a regular savings fund, Vacation Fund & Emergency Fund and connected my checking account so I could make recurring deposits automatically as soon as my paychecks get deposited. Auto-pilot.
  3. Personal Capital is a money manager like Mint. You add every financial account you have including credit cards, Paypal, checking, savings, 401K, Roths etc and it magically organizes and gives you a real-time snapshot of everything.
  4. YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a popular budgeting tool that I am trying to adopt in my system. It is $80/year. It has steep learning curve.
  5. Pay myself first I connected my checking account to my Roth IRA and set up a recurring deposit of $100 per month as soon as my paycheck is deposited.

Here is my plan in action:

  1. I get a paycheck
  2. Money is automatically deposited in my 401K.
  3. The rest of my paycheck goes to my checking account.
  4. My checking account sends money to Vanguard that contributes to my Roth IRA.
  5. My checking account sends money to Ally Bank with multiple savings accounts and emergency fund, etc.
  6. Personal Capital is an iOS and web app that organizes all of my accounts
  7. YNAB (You need a budget) makes sure I am prioritize and track my spending.
  8. Pay myself first and then I pay my rent and bills and whatever is left is mine to enjoy life with.
  9. And if you work multiple side hustles like myself, pump as much as you can into your system and let it grow.


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The Merry Show

The Merry Show


Today is an update episode and I simply wanted to say hey wish you all a very happy Holiday Season.

Episode Summary:

So welcome to this holiday episode 152. In this episode I wanted to bring you up to speed on my journey and plans for 2019, but more importantly I really just wanted to make sure I took the time to wish each and every one of you a very merry holiday season and to wish you the best as we approach a new year.

The Update:

A couple of months ago I told you I was taking a hiatus from Mike Murphy Unplugged for a variety of reasons. This was not an easy decision to make and it saddened me a little to give up a piece of something that I worked extremely hard every single week for 3 years. I was and still am very proud of the consistency and hard work I put into this podcast and all of the content I make surrounding it, but I listened to my heart and took a step back. It was the right decision at the right time. I needed to get the weight off my shoulders as it was introducing negativity into my world and becoming a burden instead of something that inspired me to make.


I get asked all the time on social media how on Earth I am able to create tutorials and content on such a consistent basis. The answer is easy. I love it. I love to learn and teach. Making tutorials and quick tips is not easy in some ways, yet it’s all I want to do, so I just do it.

Podcasting Break

I also still very much podcasting and will publish a podcast regularly again, but as soon as the process of podcasting became something that I no longer looked forward to, the problem solver in me clicked in. I do not like when things are broken and I have the ability to fix it. It drives me nuts actually when I see people who suffer and make no attempt to right the ship. That is why I stopped. I shifted and tweaked my process of podcasting until I decided the best course of action was to put it on the shelf and re-adjust.


Do you know what really made this easy? My push to simplify and get rid of physical, digital and mental clutter. 2018 was the year of minimalism for me and that meant letting things go that caused stress or were not contributing to my happiness or well-being. To be as candid as possible, the first half of 2018, my podcast was a thorn in my side. I was pulling topics out of thin air and I was making them simply because of self-discipline. Again, problem solver Mike knew that this was a problem, and I solved it. I did not give up or quit, I gave myself permission to free up some space and figure out what needed to be done.

Opportunity Knocks

As soon as I put my podcast on hiatus, a door opened up for me out of the blue. And that was an opportunity to work for the podcasting technology company, Simplecast. Was this a coincidence? In my mind, no way. I manifested this opportunity by showing up every day making and publishing content. When I started I really had no idea what I wanted or what I was good at, so I just started exploring and making things and I started really wide and over time I just started narrowing down and finding my style and groove. Simplecast hired me to do exactly what I am best at and what I like to do. My job is in support and my role is to help solve problems for podcasters and create educational content in the form of tutorials and articles and to teach through webinars and eventually at conferences and workshops. If you have listened to this podcast for any length of time, you will probably realize that my role in Simplecast is exactly what I talk about all the time. If you find yourself in a position of self-doubt or uncertainty, but you know you want to improve your career or what you have going on in life, I cannot stress enough that you have to get started today and just do something. You do not need the answers to life to start. Move in the direction of something that has been a positive thing in your life. For me, I have always been drawn to creative things like photography, video, music, art, writing, tech and travel. So I just started taking more photos and learning how to make videos and started writing on Medium and shared tech tips that seemed interesting to me. I started and know that I could do some iteration of this forever. But you need money to live. I was running out of money in my tech and creative exploration. I was getting freelance gigs, but not enough. I went through all of my savings and cashed in mutual funds that I started years ago. I never panicked. I trusted myself and I knew I was headed in the right direction.

Doing My Thing

The Simplecast opportunity came at the perfect time. Putting my podcast on hiatus left a void and I filled it by taking a role serving podcasters. Things happen for a reason. Simplecast has been an amazing experience and I have learned a ton in the past four months about podcasting and start-up life and myself. I am busier than ever as I work full-time 5 days/week and at nights and early morning I make tutorials and my 2 days off I do my Murphy Concierge work which is helping people in my local area with tech stuff. I am making a living helping, creating, and teaching. Exactly what I set out to do when I launched this podcast. And I’m just getting started.

What’s to come in 2019:

Simplecast is about to launch a new 2.0 platform that we are all excited about and with the new product I will be making a ton of content and helping people figure out how to use the new product and it’s going to be fun and exciting. Taking the job with Simplecast was an easy decision because it aligned with everything I have been working for and I am very happy with how it is working out. I have the best of both worlds. There was a little internal conflict when thinking about taking a job versus making it on my own, but then I realized, I am still as independent as I have ever been and being part of a growing and innovative company that is all about working with creatives and podcasters is a dream come true. I am happy and I am proud of myself for going full steam ahead even when things were getting a little financially thin and quite honestly, I was working myself really hard. I’ll say it again. If you are unhappy or if you have a goal to make it on your own or build a brand or business online, you have to stop thinking about it and get going on something. If you own a business and it’s not working, fix it. Get rid of the weight that is holding you down and something better will fill the space.

YouTube or Bust

I will do a 2019 Roadmap episode, but in addition to Simplecast, my mindset is doubling down my efforts on YouTube and ramping up my writing on Medium. I love making tutorials and answering questions for people. It’s all I want to do. I am doing that now, but I want to take it up a notch and YouTube is where I can best do that. So I will. I am closing in on 2500 subscribers and just passed the Million views mark. That’s right. Over 1,000, 000 views on my YouTube channel. How cool is that? I’m not big on numbers, but I put out a goal of reaching 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2019 as a milestone I could put in front of me. I think it is doable and that is where my 2019 focus is currently at. As for writing. I will continue publishing my tutorials as written content on Medium, but I plan to write a few more beefy articles that have some girth. I am learning and growing and I simply want to put it all out there and to continue to build my brand as someone with useful knowledge to share. The long-term goal is to make it as a content creator doing what I love to do.

Do Your Thing

I am living proof that you can create the life you want. It is extremely hard to do and you have to make tough decisions and sacrifices, but it all comes down to how you want to live. For me, I want to live happy and simply. For the person who asked me how I am able to show up so consistently, it is because I am creating the life I want and that comes with putting in the hard work and pushing myself to get better everyday. I think it’s worth it and I hope you do too. I know today was a lot about me, but I wanted to give you an update and let you know that life is good because I refuse to have it any other way. I have no plans yet to publish a podcast on a regular schedule, but it is on my mind.

Happy Everything

But the most important reason I wanted to make this episode today was to wish you a very merry and happy holiday season and new year. I appreciate you and as always, if there is anything I can ever do for you, you can email me anytime at or reach out on social media. If you are stuck and need a push, let me know. You have one shot to live the life you want. Make it happen.


I Thank you for joining me today and I wish you a Merry Everything and happy and healthy 2019. I hope you join my one man band and together we can Learn. Create & Move Forward. Cheers, Mike. Cheers, Mike I Thank you for joining me on this milestone and turning point episode and for joining my one man band and together we can Learn. Create & Move Forward. Cheers, Mike.


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