The Budget Show

The Budget Show


EP153: The Budget Show

Behind the scenes of my simple and practical new financial freedom plan to help me create the life I want. Today is about taking action and control of your finances so you can create the life you want.

Episode Summary:

The motivation or my why for taking action on my finances.

The two books that helped me build the framework and key takeaways from each.

My new plan along with the tools I am using to put my financial plan on auto-pilot.

Part 1: Why am I taking action on my finances?

  • I turn 50 in November
  • Reduce stress and self-doubt
  • Financial Freedom
  • Peace of Mind
  • Control & Clarity
  • Always Moving Forward
  • Opportunity to Advance

Part 2: The 2 Books that led me to action

  1. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi
  2. The Latte Factor by David Bach

I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Buy on Amazon)
By Ramit Sethi



1st Edition:
My biggest takeaway from the 1st edition was setting up online banks for automating your finances. Set it and forget it. Deposit your paycheck in a checking account and have set amounts go to bills, savings, and investments automatically.

2st Edition:
I ordered the audiobook from Audible immediately and listened to it non-stop for 2 days.

This book is a crash course in the fundamentals of investing and also very tactical in that he gives step by step advice along with specific recommendations for investments and online banks.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich caused me to take action 10 years ago and it had the same effect on me the 2nd time around because the message throughout the book is taking the time to do this now will help you create the life you want.

This book will teach you exactly what to invest in, how to set up online banking so your savings and investing are automatic, and what it means to live a rich life.
It’s not about the money, it’s about intentional living and purpose.

The Latte Factor
by David Bach

Podcast Mentioned: The James Altucher Show

I also listened to The Latte Factor on Audible from start to finish.

The Latte Factor is story about a girl named Zoey who is a twenty-something working and living the dream in NYC and is buried under student loans, debt, and living paycheck to paycheck just trying to make ends meet. Not an unfamiliar story for many. The thought of savings and investing are the furthest thing from her mind as she can barely afford rent. This is a story many of us have experienced and it can be a vicious cycle of financial stress and worry working hard just to pay debts and eek by without being able to put any money aside for travel or savings or retirement.

Zoey meets a wise old man who changes her perspective and teaches her many valuable money and life lessons such as the power of compounding interest and one of the the most important lessons of this book and my biggest takeaway from the book is Pay yourself first.

**Pay Yourself First: **
You take the first hour of every working day and put that in your savings or investment account.

You work 8 hours per day
You take your hourly rate for 1 hour out of the 8 hours
You put the first hour of payin your savings or investment account.

You can multiply this 1 hour by the number of days you work or multiply by 7 for a full week.

Bonus Math Tip:
To get the hourly rate from any annual salary:
Divide the salary by 2 and that is the hourly rate.

If you make 50,000 per year.
50,000/2 is 25,000

If you make 75,000 per year.
75,000/2 is 37,500

If you make 100,000 per year.
100,000/2 is 50,000

Pay Yourself First Example (First Hour)
You make $50,000 per year which is $25/hour pre-taxes.
Save 1 hour per working day that is $25 x 5 days = $125
$125 week x 4 weeks = $450 per month by paying yourself the 1st hour of every day.

Use this as a benchmark.

Pay yourself first
Treat savings like an expense each month and you will be paying your self first.

Part 3: The Plan & Tools

I figured out my savings goal by using The Latte Factors pay yourself first.

I took my salary and divided it by 2 to get my hourly rate and then I multiplied that by 7 and rounded up to get my the total I wanted to save each month.

This total will fund my 401k, Roth, and my multiple savings buckets that I want to save for. Here are the specifics of my plan:

  1. Vanguard Funds (highly recommend) I moved my existing mutual fund and Roth IRA to Vanguard Funds
    Tip: Look up expense ratios. They matter. A lot.
  2. Ally Bank (highly recommend) I set up a new online banking account at Ally Bank and added multiple savings accounts that included a regular savings fund, Vacation Fund & Emergency Fund and connected my checking account so I could make recurring deposits automatically as soon as my paychecks get deposited. Auto-pilot.
  3. Personal Capital is a money manager like Mint. You add every financial account you have including credit cards, Paypal, checking, savings, 401K, Roths etc and it magically organizes and gives you a real-time snapshot of everything.
  4. YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a popular budgeting tool that I am trying to adopt in my system. It is $80/year. It has steep learning curve.
  5. Pay myself first I connected my checking account to my Roth IRA and set up a recurring deposit of $100 per month as soon as my paycheck is deposited.

Here is my plan in action:

  1. I get a paycheck
  2. Money is automatically deposited in my 401K.
  3. The rest of my paycheck goes to my checking account.
  4. My checking account sends money to Vanguard that contributes to my Roth IRA.
  5. My checking account sends money to Ally Bank with multiple savings accounts and emergency fund, etc.
  6. Personal Capital is an iOS and web app that organizes all of my accounts
  7. YNAB (You need a budget) makes sure I am prioritize and track my spending.
  8. Pay myself first and then I pay my rent and bills and whatever is left is mine to enjoy life with.
  9. And if you work multiple side hustles like myself, pump as much as you can into your system and let it grow.


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The Merry Show

The Merry Show


Today is an update episode and I simply wanted to say hey wish you all a very happy Holiday Season.

Episode Summary:

So welcome to this holiday episode 152. In this episode I wanted to bring you up to speed on my journey and plans for 2019, but more importantly I really just wanted to make sure I took the time to wish each and every one of you a very merry holiday season and to wish you the best as we approach a new year.

The Update:

A couple of months ago I told you I was taking a hiatus from Mike Murphy Unplugged for a variety of reasons. This was not an easy decision to make and it saddened me a little to give up a piece of something that I worked extremely hard every single week for 3 years. I was and still am very proud of the consistency and hard work I put into this podcast and all of the content I make surrounding it, but I listened to my heart and took a step back. It was the right decision at the right time. I needed to get the weight off my shoulders as it was introducing negativity into my world and becoming a burden instead of something that inspired me to make.


I get asked all the time on social media how on Earth I am able to create tutorials and content on such a consistent basis. The answer is easy. I love it. I love to learn and teach. Making tutorials and quick tips is not easy in some ways, yet it’s all I want to do, so I just do it.

Podcasting Break

I also still very much podcasting and will publish a podcast regularly again, but as soon as the process of podcasting became something that I no longer looked forward to, the problem solver in me clicked in. I do not like when things are broken and I have the ability to fix it. It drives me nuts actually when I see people who suffer and make no attempt to right the ship. That is why I stopped. I shifted and tweaked my process of podcasting until I decided the best course of action was to put it on the shelf and re-adjust.


Do you know what really made this easy? My push to simplify and get rid of physical, digital and mental clutter. 2018 was the year of minimalism for me and that meant letting things go that caused stress or were not contributing to my happiness or well-being. To be as candid as possible, the first half of 2018, my podcast was a thorn in my side. I was pulling topics out of thin air and I was making them simply because of self-discipline. Again, problem solver Mike knew that this was a problem, and I solved it. I did not give up or quit, I gave myself permission to free up some space and figure out what needed to be done.

Opportunity Knocks

As soon as I put my podcast on hiatus, a door opened up for me out of the blue. And that was an opportunity to work for the podcasting technology company, Simplecast. Was this a coincidence? In my mind, no way. I manifested this opportunity by showing up every day making and publishing content. When I started I really had no idea what I wanted or what I was good at, so I just started exploring and making things and I started really wide and over time I just started narrowing down and finding my style and groove. Simplecast hired me to do exactly what I am best at and what I like to do. My job is in support and my role is to help solve problems for podcasters and create educational content in the form of tutorials and articles and to teach through webinars and eventually at conferences and workshops. If you have listened to this podcast for any length of time, you will probably realize that my role in Simplecast is exactly what I talk about all the time. If you find yourself in a position of self-doubt or uncertainty, but you know you want to improve your career or what you have going on in life, I cannot stress enough that you have to get started today and just do something. You do not need the answers to life to start. Move in the direction of something that has been a positive thing in your life. For me, I have always been drawn to creative things like photography, video, music, art, writing, tech and travel. So I just started taking more photos and learning how to make videos and started writing on Medium and shared tech tips that seemed interesting to me. I started and know that I could do some iteration of this forever. But you need money to live. I was running out of money in my tech and creative exploration. I was getting freelance gigs, but not enough. I went through all of my savings and cashed in mutual funds that I started years ago. I never panicked. I trusted myself and I knew I was headed in the right direction.

Doing My Thing

The Simplecast opportunity came at the perfect time. Putting my podcast on hiatus left a void and I filled it by taking a role serving podcasters. Things happen for a reason. Simplecast has been an amazing experience and I have learned a ton in the past four months about podcasting and start-up life and myself. I am busier than ever as I work full-time 5 days/week and at nights and early morning I make tutorials and my 2 days off I do my Murphy Concierge work which is helping people in my local area with tech stuff. I am making a living helping, creating, and teaching. Exactly what I set out to do when I launched this podcast. And I’m just getting started.

What’s to come in 2019:

Simplecast is about to launch a new 2.0 platform that we are all excited about and with the new product I will be making a ton of content and helping people figure out how to use the new product and it’s going to be fun and exciting. Taking the job with Simplecast was an easy decision because it aligned with everything I have been working for and I am very happy with how it is working out. I have the best of both worlds. There was a little internal conflict when thinking about taking a job versus making it on my own, but then I realized, I am still as independent as I have ever been and being part of a growing and innovative company that is all about working with creatives and podcasters is a dream come true. I am happy and I am proud of myself for going full steam ahead even when things were getting a little financially thin and quite honestly, I was working myself really hard. I’ll say it again. If you are unhappy or if you have a goal to make it on your own or build a brand or business online, you have to stop thinking about it and get going on something. If you own a business and it’s not working, fix it. Get rid of the weight that is holding you down and something better will fill the space.

YouTube or Bust

I will do a 2019 Roadmap episode, but in addition to Simplecast, my mindset is doubling down my efforts on YouTube and ramping up my writing on Medium. I love making tutorials and answering questions for people. It’s all I want to do. I am doing that now, but I want to take it up a notch and YouTube is where I can best do that. So I will. I am closing in on 2500 subscribers and just passed the Million views mark. That’s right. Over 1,000, 000 views on my YouTube channel. How cool is that? I’m not big on numbers, but I put out a goal of reaching 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2019 as a milestone I could put in front of me. I think it is doable and that is where my 2019 focus is currently at. As for writing. I will continue publishing my tutorials as written content on Medium, but I plan to write a few more beefy articles that have some girth. I am learning and growing and I simply want to put it all out there and to continue to build my brand as someone with useful knowledge to share. The long-term goal is to make it as a content creator doing what I love to do.

Do Your Thing

I am living proof that you can create the life you want. It is extremely hard to do and you have to make tough decisions and sacrifices, but it all comes down to how you want to live. For me, I want to live happy and simply. For the person who asked me how I am able to show up so consistently, it is because I am creating the life I want and that comes with putting in the hard work and pushing myself to get better everyday. I think it’s worth it and I hope you do too. I know today was a lot about me, but I wanted to give you an update and let you know that life is good because I refuse to have it any other way. I have no plans yet to publish a podcast on a regular schedule, but it is on my mind.

Happy Everything

But the most important reason I wanted to make this episode today was to wish you a very merry and happy holiday season and new year. I appreciate you and as always, if there is anything I can ever do for you, you can email me anytime at or reach out on social media. If you are stuck and need a push, let me know. You have one shot to live the life you want. Make it happen.


I Thank you for joining me today and I wish you a Merry Everything and happy and healthy 2019. I hope you join my one man band and together we can Learn. Create & Move Forward. Cheers, Mike. Cheers, Mike I Thank you for joining me on this milestone and turning point episode and for joining my one man band and together we can Learn. Create & Move Forward. Cheers, Mike.


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The 3 Year Show

The 3 Year Show


Today is the 3rd anniversary of Mike Murphy Unplugged and this an update episode about change, development and creating the life you want. I have some exciting news to share with you.

Episode Summary:
I started this show on Friday 9/25/2015. Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the past 3 years.

The podcast is still on hiatus, but I created this episode:
1) To acknowledge you and the anniversary
2) Share some updates since Episode 150
3) Let you know about my new position with podcast hosting company Simplecast

What is a Milestone?:

A milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

Change is to make or become different.

Development is state of growth or advancement.

So Why Did I Start Mike Murphy Unplugged

Reason 1: To connect, teach and help people figure things out,
Reason 2: To figure out how to make a living as an online educator and content creator.

My solution: Starting a podcast was the perfect medium for me:

Why Podcasting?:
-I have been an avid podcast listener since the iPod 1.0
-I love audio and gear
-I could share my voice to the world from my bedroom
-I knew it was an emerging medium.

Timeline:I gave myself 30 days to learn how to start a podcast, how to record and edit audio, create the artwork and branding, and set up social media profiles and figure out what it was about.

I did not overthink starting a podcast and I was determined to stay genuine and authentic to me and do it my way.

Everyone told me I had to niche down and narrow my topic, but that is not who I am.

I have a wide range of interest and skills and I wear many hats (I’m the guy who has watched over 11,000 Lynda videos remember).

I used to think of this as my weakness, but it is my super-power.

My long-term goal was to make a living as a content creator and teacher.

Mike Murphy Unplugged

was to document my journey and share all of the tools and resources and steps I was taking to move myself forward towards a very general goal of making a living in creativity and teaching tech tips and tricks.

Step #1: in the journey was starting a podcast so I dedicated the first several months of Mike Murphy Unplugged to being a podcast about podcasting.

I shared everything I knew about setting up and producing a podcast as that was my main focus at the time and I knew it was an emerging and important medium for businesses in the future. And guess what, the more you talk about and share knowledge about a topic the more of an expert and authority you become. I knew what I was talking about and was confident in my abilities from the start.

The main principle I want to share today on this anniversary is showing up day after day even when it seems like nobody is listening or you are not getting many downloads or views or likes, etc.

I created at least one piece of content 7 days a week 365 days in row for almost 3 years because I knew that if I just kept showing up I would either figure it out or an opportunity that would present itself.

I started this podcast and online venture without a roadmap or plan, but I started and I just kept at it. My priority was to get really good at everything related to teaching and creating content and to be consistent and patient and to work as hard as I possibly could. It was not always fun or enjoyable, but I was not going to stop because I knew it would take time and require resilience and patience.

In Episode 150 I announced that I was taking a break and putting the podcast on hiatus.

Was I podfading? Not quite, but I was needing a break.

It started as a tool to help me and it was starting to feel more like a burden that I was holding onto just to keep streak intact of never missing a Friday episode. I’m a problem solver and I knew I had to fix this negative force in my content machine.

2018 has been the year of simplicity and I created my version of minimalism.

I spent the first half of 2018 actively de-cluttering and reducing most of what I owned to the bare essentials.

I gave away, threw away or sold everything I did not use or need and did the same cleaning on my digital assets. I simplified my diet and exercise and it felt incredible and everything feels clean and light and simple. My head-space and physical space has never been clearer or more laser-focused. Less is indeed more for me.

Death. Early in the summer, I lost someone that I cared a lot about right before a summer trip I had planned and it was almost instantly that I gave myself permission to take a break from the podcast. It often takes Death or tragedy really brings the word priority in focus as you really start to understand what is most important in life and I knew that if I gave myself a break from the podcast for a couple of months, things would be okay. You would understand and I can pick back up at anytime.

De-cluttering and simplifying was very a deliberate and conscious choice of mine to take a deep breath and to really go back to the basics.

Get off the hamster wheel and put as much positive and happy energy into to world as I could muster up because I knew that I was making progress and that my efforts would work out and that I would be okay. I had everything I needed in life. I was running out of money, but I was not in debt and I was healthy and happy.

I had enough and I was getting really good at all of the things I want to do for the rest of my life.

Getting rid of stuff made me relax and put things in perspective. I felt really happy and relieved and I was still cranking out content, but I was not stressed about anything. I just trusted that I would be okay because my intentions were consistent and good all along.

Opportunity Knocked

I was offered a position with the podcast hosting company Simplecast and I happily accepted. I start Monday 9/24 and my official title is podcast support specialist. My job duty sounds a lot like how I describe my why for starting this podcast. Helping people figure things out and creating educational content.

I could not be more excited or proud and everything about it just feels like a perfect fit.

Maybe I got lucky or maybe it was a coincidence or the right place at the right time. Or maybe on this 3 year milestone, the change and development that is happening right now in my life and career is the manifestation of me taking the first step into the unknown and putting in the hard work and showing up day after day because I trusted myself and knew that if I could remain patient and true to myself, that things would work out.

Creating the life you want is not fast or easy and there is no clear path, but you have to start somewhere and take the first step no matter how big or small. Show up for yourself and nobody else. You are not competing against anyone but yourself. Keep going. You do not need to have all the answers and your original plan is going to change multiple times, but you have to make the effort and take a chance on yourself and do not give up or give into your own self-doubt or the doubt of those around you.

There is no better time than now to do whatever you want in this world and there is no excuse not to give it all you have to try and create a life that makes you happy and successful whatever that may mean for you.

Happy 3rd anniversary to Mike Murphy Unplugged and a big thanks to you.

If there is anything I can ever do for you, you can always reach out to me at or look me up at



The podcast is still in hiatus mode, so bear with me as I figure out the next version, but I will keep you in the loop.


Thank you for joining me on this milestone and turning point episode and for joining my one man band and together we can Learn. Create & Move Forward. Cheers, Mike.


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    1. Go Where Your Audience Is
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Music (I use for podcast):

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The Freedom Show

The Freedom Show


“The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage. ” –Thucydides, Philosopher Today is all about freedom, happiness and the power of letting go and

Episode Summary:

I have spent the past few months aggressively purging and de-cluttering my physical and digital environments and taking inventory of my business and life. Taking inventory means looking in the mirror and doing an honest self-audit. One of the difficult truths or realities I came to terms with in doing a self-audit is this podcast is holding me back and it is weighing me down. My stubbornness and determination could keep it going forever, but the reality is it has become a bit of a burden and I know that is not healthy. I have had to remind the self-critic in me that letting go is not the same as quitting or giving up. It simply means letting go to make room for something new. Announcement: Mike Murphy Unplugged is going on Summer Hiatus. I have decided to press the pause button on Mike Murphy Unplugged after episode 150. I am not done podcasting, just taking a break for now. I started Mike Murphy Unplugged in September of 2015 and I have published a new episode every Friday morning at 6:00 am without fail. I started this podcast to help me find my voice as a creative and to give myself a foundation and platform to teach. I am extremely proud of the body of work I have created and would not trade the experience for the world, but it’s time to start a new chapter.

My Backstory of Things:

I moved from Colorado to Montana to Portland to New Hampshire and back to Colorado and traveled everywhere in between often living out of my Subaru wagon or VW Van. The freedom and independence I had was largely due to not owning much stuff. Being debt-free and not wanting or requiring extraneous things allowed me to be swift and pick up and go when an opportunity to travel knocked. One Man Band You hear me say that I am a One Man Band a lot. This independence is what the term represents to me. The ability to move and do what I want on my terms. This comes from me having control and not being tied down to things. I can pick up and go whenever I want. I am putting in the hard work in my business to allow me to work from anywhere in the world. That is the life I want. For me, simplifying and de-cluttering and cutting back to only having the essentials is about having control over the things that matter most in life and doing eliminating things that are not helping me achieve my business goals. It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed and feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and I think a lot of you may feel this way. I refuse to live a life filled with negativity and stress and conflict, and getting rid of excess is my remedy for peace of mind regaining control. The less I have the better I feel.

My Minimalist Process

For the past several months I have been actively cleaning house on my physical and digital spaces and I’ve turned it into a game almost to see how much stuff I can get rid of. I started thinning things out. Everything. Even things that are small or you think don’t take up much room. It’s amazing how getting rid of the small stuff makes such a difference. I went room by room, drawer by drawer and bag by bag. Any gear or tool or attachment big or small that I did not use or need on a regular basis went out to the pod shed to be given away or sold on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. I cleaned out every cupboard in my kitchen and got rid of excess silverware, gadgets, plates, glasses, mugs, spices, pots and pans. Condiments in the fridge. Cleaning supplies. All gone. The little things you never notice make a huge difference when you get rid of them. I took generic artwork off the walls and got rid of furniture that served no purpose. I cleaned out all junk drawers and only kept the essentials. I purged pencils and pens, envelopes and anything in drawers that I rarely used. In the bathroom, I cleaned everything under the sink and got rid of towels and supplies and kept only what I use and need. The theme to letting go. Keep the essentials and get rid of everything else. I am constantly going through my clothes and eliminating anything I do not wear on a regular basis. Shoes, sneakers, t-shirts, old sweatshirts, hats, old socks, underwear, etc. Etc. Blankets, sheets, pillows, books, cables, cords, chargers. I took the same mode of attack on my digital and online world. I once had 10 screens of iPhone apps and am now down to 2 1/2. I cleaned all of my hard drives and Google Drives and deleted anything I no longer needed and made sure everything was perfectly backed up and mirrored so I was in complete control of my data and workflow. Applications on my Mac that I no longer use got deleted. I have been ruthless at unsubscribing from emails and have even taken it a step farther to delete as many accounts as I can. Anything and everything I do not use, I delete as it is one less notification or distraction.

What are the benefits of letting go and cleaning house?

I feel lighter and cleaner and freer.Remember, the secret to happiness is freedom. Less stuff makes me feel swift and nimble. Reduced stress and overwhelm from knowing what you have. My mind is much more focused and clear. I feel way more motivated and productive. I’ve made a few hundred dollars so far selling things. I do not want to buy anything new because it feels so good having less so you save money naturally. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the process of simplifying your belongings carries over to everything you do. You really start to appreciate the little things again and prioritize what really matters in life and in my business. The trees through the forest.

My Why

Creating the life I want for me just means is that I am free to live life on my own terms and do what I want when I want. I have done this my whole life, the only difference now is that I am figuring out how to build a business that will support myself financially instead of relying on jobs and working for others. My why for Mike Murphy LLC and Murphy Concierge and working day in and day creating content and giving it my all building an online business and brand is freedom. Creative & Financial Freedom is my vision of success for my business. Freedom to travel and do things that inspire me and make me happy is my vision of success for life. I did not expect it to be easy and I knew that it would take a lot of trial and error and ups and downs and pivots and adjustments. I recognized an area of my content creation machine that was introducing negativity in my mindset and slowing down my progress. While I could fight through it week after week, it would be for the wrong reasons. I do not need to prove my work ethic and determination to anyone but myself and I need to do whatever it takes to make progress. Making the decision to press the pause button on Mike Murphy Unplugged was not an easy decision, but my heart of hearts knows it’s the right decision for now. I am not quitting or giving up, I am simply evolving and moving forward on my road to freedom and happiness.


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