Ecamm Live: How To Arrange All Windows

This tutorial will show you how to clean up your Ecamm Live workspace by using ‘Arrange All Windows’ which will show all Utility Windows (except the Network Camera) and place them in the default position.

Why use Arrange All Windows?
It is a fast way to ‘reset’ and clean up your Ecamm Live production environment so you can improve your livestream experience by keeping your production clean and organized.

Software Used:
Ecamm Live (Click To Try or Buy)

Keyboard Shortcut for Live Demo Mode:
Option + Shift + Command + J

How To Arrange All Windows in Ecamm Live

  1. The easy way is to use the keyboard shortcut Option + Command + J or,
  2. Go to the top menu and click on ‘Windows’
  3. Click on ‘Arrange All Windows’
  4. Utility Windows will be arranged neatly in their default position 
  5. All default utility windows will be visible even if closed them previously

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