Adobe Photoshop CC 2024: How To Animate Textures

This tutorial will show you how to animate & export textures using a Frame Animation Timeline in Adobe Photoshop CC 2024.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Duplicate Layers:
Cmd/Ctrl + J
Free Transform: Cmd/Ctrl + T


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00:00  Intro: About This Tutorial
00:17  Photoshop Document Size
00:27  Free Transform Texture Layer (Setup_
00:44  Duplicate Layers (Cmd/Ctrl + J)
01:13  Free Transform & Add Randomness
01:39  Rotate & Commit Transforms
02:06  Open Timeline Panel (Window Menu)
02:25  Make Frames From Layers
02:48  Change Timing/Delay of Frames
03:14  Export As Animated GIF
03:53  Duplicate Frames on Timeline
04:16  Render Video

Software Used:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2024 (Click To Try or Buy)

How To Prepare Textures in Adobe Photoshop CC 2024:

  1. Open Photoshop File at 1920 x 1080 pixels
  2. Add Texture File
  3. Press Cmd/Ctrl + T for Free Transform on Layer 1 Texture File
  4. Increase Scale of Texture so that it is quite a bit larger than the Document Size
  5. Duplicate Layer 5 Times for a total of 6 Layers
  6. Rename Layers 1-6 to stay organized
  7. Hide visibility on all layers (tick eyeball next to layer)
  8. Turn on visibility of Layer 2
  9. Press Cmd/Ctrl + T for Free Transform
  10. Rotate and change position so it is different than Layer 1
  11. Repeat Free Transform and Moving Position/Rotation on all layers

How To Animate Textures in Adobe Photoshop CC 2024:

  1. Go to Window Menu at the top
  2. Select ‘Timeline’
  3. Click on ‘Create Frame Animation’ button
  4. Click on Hamburger Menu (3 horizontal lines)
  5. Select ‘Make Frames From Layers’
  6. Tap Spacebar to Preview Animation
  7. Select all Frames
  8. Click the arrow below frame
  9. Change delay to 0.2 seconds (or preference)

How To Export Animation as Animated GIF:

  1. Go to File Menu
  2. Click on ‘Export’
  3. Click on ’Save For Web (Legacy)’
  4. Change to GIF
  5. Confirm Animation is set to Looping…Forever
  6. Click ‘Save’
  7. Enter ‘Title’
  8. Choose Destination
  9. Click ‘Save’
  10. Drag .GIF file on a web browser to test

How To Export Animation as Video:

  1. Duplicate Frames on Timeline for longer animations (24 frames = 1 sec)
  2. Go to File Menu
  3. Click on ‘Export’
  4. Click on ’Render Video’
  5. Enter ‘Name’
  6. Choose Destination
  7. Format: H.264
  8. Document Size 1920 x 1080
  9. Frame Rate: 24 fps
  10. Click ‘Render’

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