Adobe Express: How To Animate Characters From Audio

​This tutorial will show you how to animate characters with your own voice using Animate From Audio in Adobe Express.

Adobe Express:

Animate From Audio (Adobe Express):

Help Article:

00:00  Intro: About The Tutorial
00:13  Visit Adobe Express (Web Browser)
00:22  Click on ‘Quick Actions’ & ‘Upload Your Video’
00:35  Visit Adobe Express (CC Desktop App)
01:04  Animate From Audio (Set up Animation)
01:17  Select Character
01:29  Click on ‘Background’
01:41  Transparent Background
01:56  Select Size (Aspect Ratio + Resolution)
02:16  Upload Pre-Recorded Audio File
02:27  Click on ‘Record’ to start recording
02:40  ‘Enhance Speech’ Toggle
03:12  Click  ‘Done’ to Stop
03:26  Preview & Trim Animation
03:54  Click ‘Download’ or ‘Open in Editor’
04:04  Adobe Express Editor (Customize)
04:20  Download Video To Computer

Software Used:
Adobe Express (Open in Web Browser)

How To Access Animate From Audio in Adobe Express (Web Browser):

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Visit
  3. Click on ‘Quick Actions’
  4. Click on ‘Animate from Audio’
  5. Click on ‘Upload Your Video’ to open the Editor

How To Access Animate From Audio (Creative Cloud App):

  1. Open Adobe CC Desktop App
  2. Click on Home Icon
  3. Click on ‘Adobe Express’ in the Shortcuts section
  4. Click on ‘Video’
  5. Click on ‘Animate from Audio’ in the Quick Links Section

How To Animate From Audio in Adobe Express:

  1. Select a Character (click to Preview)
  2. Click on character to resize and drag tomove position
  3. Click on ‘Background’ and choose a background (color, transparent or image)
  4. Click ‘Upload Image’ to upload a custom background image
  5. Click ‘Size’
  6. Click drop-down menu for ‘Resize’ for
  7. Select social platform to share video
  8. Select Aspect Ratio & Size (16:9, 1920 x 1080)
  9. Check ‘Audio Hardware’ settings to confirm your system is set to good microphone
  10. Toggle on ‘Enhance Speech’ (optional to improve audio quality)
  11. Click ‘Record’ to start recording dialogue
  12. Click ‘Cancel’ to stop and start over
  13. Click ‘Done’ when completed
  14. Wait several minutes to process
  15. Hover cursor over preview and click on Play icon to preview animation
  16. Use scrubber to scrub through video
  17. Click on handles to Trim video
  18. Click on ‘Back’ to re-record
  19. Click ‘Download’ to download to computer’
  20. Click ‘Open in Editor’ to open in Adobe Express for customization

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