The Why Show

The Why Show

EP142: The Why Show

Today is the story of why I wrote an eBook about podcasting on It all started with an email I received in the Fall of 2017.

Breakdown of Story:

The Anatomy of a Good Email
Is a legitimate podcast host?
What makes a good option for some podcasters?
What ultimately made me decide to write my first ebook on Podcasting on



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The Story:

Shortly after I attended Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim California, I got an email from my website contact form that grabbed my attention from the very start.

What makes a good email?

The Anatomy of a Good Email

Credibility. A university professor introduced himself and proceeded to tell me he listened to all 100+ episodes of my podcast.

**Tip:** You never know who is listening to your podcast! Every listener is important. 

Flattery. The Professor (a teacher) went on to say he emailed me because I was passionate about teaching and helping people figure things out and because I had demonstrated qualities he respected: Knowledge, Motivation, Productivity and Personality. Wow, that felt good.

**Tip:** If you want to get someone’s attention, feed them compliments…no, seriously, appealing to one's ego really works!

Kindness. The Professor mentioned he was listening to an episode of mine right after I got back from Podcast Movement and something my voice sounded as if I was having trouble with something in my business and I needed help. He saw an opportunity how he thought he might be able to help me, so he reached out. Pretty cool.

**Tip:** Podcasting feels lonely and you are not ever really certain anyone is listening. But the people who are listening and show up week after week feel like the know you.  The power of podcasting.

Intrigue.The Professor told me he inadvertently discovered a resource for podcasters that no-one seemed to be promoting and wanted to know if I thought it was a valuable resource that I might want to promote and teach others about. He needed about 30 minutes on a Skype call.

**Tip:** If you want a podcasting tech nerd to say yes  to a meeting just tell them they have this super secret awesome thing that nobody is talking about but it’s a game changer and I’ll let you in on the secret if you give me 30 minutes to your time. Of course I was intrigue and replied back simply. Yes, I am interested in learning more and we scheduled a 30-minute Skype call.

Summary of a good email:
Introduce yourself as a human and make a connection with whoever you are trying to reach. Then give them a compliment or something positive and then offer them something of value or make it clear that you are not emailing a stranger and asking for a favor.
And if you want to get a meeting a conference call, make it really hard for that person to say no.

On to The 30-Minute Skype Call

Professor: I have discovered an under-the-radar podcasting resource.
Me: (I doubted it, but I kept an open mind)… Wow, that sounds great…tell me more.
Professor: The podcast resource I am referring to is, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. It is cheap and dependable all-in-one podcast and website hosting solution that I have been using for my own podcasts since 2015. There is little documentation or mention of for podcasting it and I have only found one small tutorial about it and that is where you come in.
Me: Dedicated Podcast Hosting on Really? Cmon.
Professor: Yes, and I think you are the perfect person to help others learn about as a podcast hosting solution and teach them how use it.
Me: Okay, tell me more. I am interested.

Initial Reaction

The truth of the matter was I had not thought about for years and it was indeed off of my tech-radar, but I would play along and try to keep an open mind.

My first thought was I know the reason why nobody in the podcast community was talking about podcasting on and that is because was the ‘lite-version’ of

I needed proof. And I had questions

The 30-minute Skype lasted close to 4 hours. Yeah, it got good…

Just how under-the-radar was podcasting on

The Professor had been researching this topic for some time:
His response was that he listens and subscribes to every single podcast he can find that talks about podcasting and cannot ever recall anyone teach or explain as a platform for podcasting.

There are countless top 10 posts and listicles and articles about the best of the best hosting and never makes any of the lists. do a Google search for “Podcast Hosting Services”, is absent from almost every list.

Funny thing was right around this Skype call, this article was making the rounds through Medium and Facebook and all of the Podcast newsletters, called ‘The Ultimate List of Podcasting Hosting Services’ with 27 examples of the podcast hosting services. It had the most obscure podcast hosts, and sure enough. did not make this list.

Every google search about podcasting on WordPress is about the self-hosted and not .com.

He did find a couple of small blog posts and one small tutorial that was over 6 years old, which makes it all too crazy to me, that podcasting on has been around for a long time, but gets zero mentions. Including from

Translation: as a podcast platform was a ghost.

I went back to my initial reaction of as being the hobbyist platform and just thought, well, maybe it’s because it’s not that good right?

I kept the interrogation going full speed ahead. I needed more substance.

What are the Benefits of using that podcasters should care about? Why should I care to teach podcasters about

Price/Value: The first thing that surfaced was price, which I never base decisions solely on, but for $4/month you can have a fully functioning a podcast, website, and blog with unlimited
bandwidth is worth investigating.

Price is a big deal since a lot of podcasters do it for a hobby. It gets to be an expensive hobby, especially when you start adding in gear. Many podcasters want to test the waters without investing a ton of money.

Longevity. WordPress has been around for a long time on the interwebs and over 30% of all websites on the internet run on or

There are a lot of cool and hip fly-by-night solutions that sound awesome and many are free, but you want stability in a podcast host. You want them around for the long-haul. WordPress isn’t going anywhere soon.

Flexibility. You can upgrade plans at anytime, you can create multiple shows and private feeds, you can monetize and much more.

The Icing On the Cake

I needed real proof.

The Professor: I have 7 podcasts all on that have accumulated over 2.5 million downloads so far and I have not had one technical glitch or one complaint from a listener about not being able to access or download an episode.

Well Okay, then. That’s some proof for reliability.

More proof: has started advertising on TV and podcasts. They seem to be making a move.

Then it hit me. I remember seeing just a month earlier at Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim, CA and thought “Hmmm…what are they doing here at a podcast conference?” and didn’t give it too much thought. Off my radar. In hindsight, it almost seems as if they were sitting back in the shadows observing and patiently waiting for the right time to promote their platform as a legitimate hosting solution for podcasters.

Note: Flash Forward
While I was preparing this guide and tutorial in early 2018, I glanced at the list of sponsors for Podcast Movement 2018 and saw They were not only a sponsor but a Gold Sponsor. In contrast, Blubrry, Libysn and Podbean were only Silver. The Professor was right; was indeed coming out of the shadows.

The Conclusion

By the end of the Skype call, I had a new friend and a new adventure that would give me the opportunity to teach, write, podcast, make tutorials and help both new and experienced podcasters. Right up my alley.

So My why for writing this eBook: How To Podcast on The Step by Step Guide.
It all started with one email from The Professor in the Fall of 2017 and I’m sure grateful I responded with an open mind.

You can find the guide on Amazon or at the website:

If you do get the book, they say reviews on Amazon really help, so if you wrote a quick review, my forever thanks.



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The Amazon Associates Show

The Amazon Associates Show

EP141: The Amazon Associates Show

Today is all about The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates 101:

What is the Amazon Associates program?
How much does Amazon pay in commissions?
How do you join the affiliate program?
What are some pros of the program?
What are the things that can get you in trouble and banned from Amazon Associates?
What are some good ways to use Amazon affiliate links and start making some money?


What is the Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates started in 1996.
The largest and most successful online affiliate program with close to a million members.
Amazon Associates is free to join and is open to anyone who owns a website or is an Amazon seller or a web developer.

Here is how it works:
Amazon provides you with specially formatted links for each product you want to promote.
You create content and posts promoting products on Amazon and try to encourage people to click on your links that will take them to Amazon.
Amazon will pay you a commission on sales generated from traffic that came from people clicking on your Amazon Associate Links.
How much does Amazon pay in commissions?
Typically anywhere from 0–10%
4–8% is about the average.

0%: on Amazon digital downloads such as music, videos, Amazon software and game downloads, eDocs, Kindle books, blogs, newsfeeds or kindle magazines, etc.

0%: Amazon Gift Cards and Wine. Sorry.

**1%: ** Video games & video consoles like Nintendo

2%: Televisions
2.5%: Computers, Computer Parts, DVDS & Blu-Ray at
3%: Toys
4%: Amazon Fire Tablets & Kindles at
4.5%: Physical Books, Health, Personal & Health care products, Automotive and Baby Products at
6%: Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments and Business & Industrial Supplies at
7%: Clothing, Amazon Smart TVs, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, Handbags, Watches and Amazon Echo & Alexa]
8% Furniture, Home & Lawn & Garden and Pets up
10%: Amazon Fashion Women, Mens & Kids Private Label, Luxury Beauty and Amazon Coins at

Everything else: 4% (Electronics, gear, cameras, video…)

Amazon Promotions: Cash payouts called ‘Bounties’

Amazon also runs special promotions and pays out flat rate dollar amounts that they call ‘Bounties’ and they could be pretty significant if you had a lot of traffic to your website or wherever you promote products.e

Sample Bounties:
Audible Trial Memberships: $5
Audible Gold Memberships: $10
Amazon Prime Referrals: $3
Amazon Fresh Groceries: $5
Kindle Memberships: $5
Twitch Prime: $3

How do you join the program?

It’s easy and free.
Fill out this application

So What are the Pros of Amazon Associates?

Passive Income Steady revenue source
No traffic restrictionsNew website owners with little traffic can join.

One side tip: If you are in the early stages of building an online presence and website, hold off to join Amazon Associates until you are up and running, because if you go too long with no activity, they could close your account, so don’t start until you have a little momentum in building content.

  1.   People Trust Amazon so it easy for people to click your affiliate links
  2. 24-hour Cookies: Affiliates will get credit for sales for 24-hours after someone clicks your link if they buy anything within that 24-hours.
  3. Amazon offers many promotional tools
  4. Motivation to create more content. Money might be the motivator at first, but over time, you start focusing on helpful content more.


See Operating Agreement Here:

Things that could get you banned from Amazon Associates:

  1. Do not shop using your own links.
  2. Do not put affiliate links in email newsletters or PDFs
  3. Do not put affiliate links in eBooks
  4. Do not open multiple accounts. Use Tracking IDs for multiple websites.
  5. Use Disclaimers


Feel free to copy mine:

Amazon Associates Disclosure:
Mike Murphy LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

I may receive a commission from Amazon and other affiliate programs at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I use and love or that I think will be helpful to you.

Ways to use Amazon Affiliate Links:

What are some good ways to properly use Amazon Associates and generate some extra revenue:

  1. Create content around products and gear and tools around your niche or area of interest and expertise
  2. Gear, Tech & Product Reviews
  3. Blog Posts, Tutorials, Article
  4. Show notes of podcasts on your website
  5. Book reviews and sharing your favorite
  6. Resource Pages on your Website
  7. you can view my Kits of gear I use.

In Conclusion:

I love everything about Amazon Associates Program. I like teaching people about products I use and think will help them and most people feel good about using affiliate links for people they know and like. It does not cost them anything and if you provide people with useful recommendations and solutions to their problems, it feels good and it could be a steady source of passive income for you.

Just follow the rules and it’s up to you to know what they are and there is plenty of information on Amazon and online as you do not want to risk getting shut down for a simple mistake.



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The Podcast Roadmap Show

The Podcast Roadmap Show

EP140: The Podcast Roadmap Show

Today I simplify the start to finish process for starting a podcast. The Podcast Roadmap is an outline or an overview of how to start a podcast from start to finish.

This is the cheat sheet I wish I had when I started.

In Today’s Episode 140 I’ll start by briefly explaining:
What is The Podcast Roadmap?
Who is it For?
What are the main steps in the Roadmap for launching a podcast from start to finish?

Download Roadmap





What is The Podcast Roadmap?

The Podcast Roadmap is a comprehensive overview of how to launch a podcast.

The purpose is to help you connect the dots of setting up a podcast from the moment you decide you want to start a podcast to going live on Apple Podcasts.

The Roadmap is not intended to go into great detail of each step of podcasting, but to help you wrap your head around, and visualize the chronological order in which to set up a podcast along with some universally common tasks that make it all very easy to understand and will keep you on track.

Why Did I Create The Roadmap

I created The Podcast Roadmap for a client who asked me to email them what they needed to do to set up a podcast.

They needed the elevator pitch for starting a podcast, so I created a one-page outline that I refer to as The Podcast Roadmap because it will help you navigate the process of setting up a new podcast.

There are a lot of moving parts to set up and producing a podcast, but once you understand the big picture view, it’s then just a matter of going down the list and getting things done…

Who is The Podcast Roadmap For?

The Podcast Roadmap is for anyone who wants to save time, reduce overwhelm and confusion, and be more efficient in setting up a podcast.

The Roadmap will help you if you are brand new to the world of podcasting but you are ready to take the plunge and set one up for your personal brand or business or just for a hobby.

The Roadmap will also help those who already have a podcast, but maybe you do not really understand the big picture of podcasting and it puzzles you a bit or a lot. You want to take your craft to the next level, but really need a better handle on the fundamentals.

The Roadmap will help you if you already have a podcast, but thinking of creating another show or you need to help out a friend and you just need a cheat sheet to remind you of the main steps.

The Podcast Roadmap

There are 6 main steps + 1 Optional Step.

  1. Planning
  2. Branding & Graphics
  3. Website & Media Hosting
  4. Podcast Production
  5. Launch & Share to the World
  6. Marketing
  7. Monetization (optional)

1. Planning

Ben Franklin said: Failing to Plan is planning to fail. 

The main tasks:

Start: Commit to starting a podcast. Do not overthink the process, but make sure you have time. Pick a launch date that is feasible and put it on the calendar (approximately 4–6 weeks).
Know your Why: What is your reason or goal for starting a podcast? Be honest. Nobody but you needs to understand or approve of your why. Just know it and it will make the hard work worth it. Because it is hard work.
Topic: Know your topic and visualize your target audience.
Format: What is the format of your show (solo, interview, co-hosts, storytelling/audio drama, etc).
Duration: How long will each episode be approximately?
Name: Name your Podcast.
Domain Name: Buy a matching domain name for your website if available.
Social Media Profiles: Create accounts across social media.

2. Branding & Graphics

Create cover art and brand identity

The main tasks:
Create cover art
Create brand & identity graphics for podcast, website and social media (headshots, photos, videos, logo, colors, fonts, graphics).
Music for Intro/Outro (optional)

3. Website & Media Hosting

Build your website or home-base for your podcast and select your podcast media host. They might be the same.

The main tasks:
Choose Podcast and Website Media Hosts
Build a podcast-ready website
Create RSS Feed

4. Podcast Production

In order to launch your podcast, you must record, edit and publish one episode

The main tasks:
Purchase gear
Download software to record & edit
Record & Edit Audio File and Export as a .mp3 file
Add ID3 metadata tags to the mp3 file
Create Episode Blog Post & Show Notes

5. Launch & Share to the World

Launch your podcast!

The main tasks:
Submit to Apple Podcasts/iTunes.
Submit to other podcast directories (Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, Blubrry, Spreaker, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, etc).

6. Marketing & Promotion

Getting the word out about your podcast.

The main tasks:
Promote show on the website and social media channels
Build a community (Facebook Group, for example)
Engage and grow your audience through email marketing
Join podcast communities and cross-promote
Be a guest on other podcasts
Build an Amazon Alexa Skill

7. Monetization.

Making money either directly or indirectly from your podcast.

The main tasks

Sign up for affiliate programs: Register and sign up for partnership or affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates.

Prepare for Sponsorships:  Prepare rate sheets and podcast information for sponsorship deals. This will likely require research

Promote Products and services: Promotion through social media and email marketing.


Download The Podcast Roadmap PDF



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The One Life Show

The One Life Show

EP139: The One Life Show

Today I am going to tell you the story of when I found a dead body.

Episode Summary:
I share a rather sad story with you that not a lot of people have ever heard, but the message is positive. This story is to remind you that you have one life and there is no better time than now to create the life you want.

Today’s episode is about:
Are you happy?
Are you doing everything you can to create your version of happiness or success?
Is self-doubt and fear of trying holding you back?

Today is about hitting the pause button doing a self-audit:
Make every minute count.

Episode 139, The One Life Show

The Story:
About 20 years ago me and my dog drove my 1972 VW Van from Missoula, MT to Canterbury, New Hampshire where I lived with my roommate from college and his now wife in a farm house in the middle of the woods.

I moved out West right after college and I cashed in my cum laude English degree for a busboy job and several other random jobs, but I was making good money and happy.

I have always had this driving voice in me that strives for greatness and my internal voice is not fueled by trying to impress others. I am self-motivated and never fully satisfied by my accomplishments or wins. You can and should do more it tells me.

Some of the happiest moments in my life were when I was a busboy or bartender or not working at all. I have never been ashamed of any job I’ve had, but there was a constant nagging in my head to seek more and stretch my mind or writing skills and find a more impactful job, etc. Etc. Job? Is that the secret to happiness?

Out West
After college I goofed around out West for a few years having a good time and had enough money to do what I wanted, but I still wanted to use that degree.

I was feeling a little lost so my best friend from college who had a ‘real job’ said come to New Hampshire and stay with us and find a job at a university or maybe land in Boston. So me and the dog headed east to New Hampshire

The Job
I got a job with a corporate lawn care company which was the only job I could find that I didn’t have to dress up, they paid for gas because we drove around during the day meeting clients and looking at lawns and during busy times of the year I always had the option to work out in the field which seemed like the most fun. This job was perfect for me in many ways because it was kind of a ‘real’ job in that I had salary and benefits, but it was casual and you may have picked up on this in other episodes. I’m not into the suit and tie thing. I also bought my first real car, meaning the air conditioner and speedometer worked and I was now officially using my college degree.

Was this the real world that I had been working for since kindergarten? The job was actually not bad and I enjoyed a lot of it because I saw every nook and cranny of Southern New Hampshire and only had to be in the office a couple of hours a day.

I have had some bad jobs and a few that I knew were not for me, but I always tried to make the most of them and have always tried to see things as a means to an end. Nothing is permanent and there really is good in most everything if you look for it.

I learned what I already knew was that I’m a one man band and the traditional career life where you work somewhere to retire with a 401K does not have my name on it. I work for experience and knowledge.

The Day I Will Never Forget

One fall morning, I packed up the work truck and headed out to the coast to a small little town right on the boarder of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

I got to my first house of the day and it was set back at the end of a kind of woody street and I loaded up the spreader and headed to the back yard.

I had been in the back working for about 10 minutes and then I saw a lawn chair with I thought was a halloween scarecrow or an old guy that dozed off. Without glasses, I couldn’t see well far away, but if it was a person, I didn’t want to scare them when they woke up so I worked my way over there and as I got closer it, I thought I saw a rifle or shotgun propped between the scarecrow’s legs and then I got a little scared for a split second, but still no idea what was going on.

I started walking really slowly towards the back of the chair and the head that had a hole in it. There was a shotgun between his legs and there I was just staring at this body sitting in a chair in the middle of a back yard. I cannot explain the level of confusion or uncertainty I was experiencing at that moment.

I did not think it was real. It was 10 am in a sleepy little coastal town. Numb.

Pulling in, I noticed this little machinery or welding shop across the street, so I walked over and there were a bunch of dudes working and I said in a very calm voice, I think I found a dead body across the street, but I really need someone to make sure. It was the strangest sensation and I think it may have been a form of shock protecting me, but after looking at me like I was crazy, they sprinted across the street and it was true. In that chair was a 23 year old military veteran who just took his own life in the backyard of his father’s house.

The Father
I leaned on the work truck for what felt like forever just staring. Blank inside. The police arrived shortly and they were very nice to me and then the moment that I’ll never forget. The father pulled up fast, jumped out of the car and ran in through the front door and I could hear him yell No. What happened next changed me forever and mostly why I am telling you this story.

The father walked back out of the front door and was walking right towards me and he gathered his composure and asked me my name and said are you okay Mike? Nobody should have ever have to witness something like that, but thank you for getting help. He gave me one of those handshake arm hugs, said I’m sorry and went back in the house. I was really in disbelief and what was even more impressive was he called me at work a few days later to make sure that I was okay. I was blown away by this selfless guy who was asking how I was when he just lost his son. It really impacted me and it keeps me in check in moments where I may be quick to judge someone or if I’m not being nice or kind or only thinking about myself.

Life Lessons
I drove an hour or two back to the headquarters and told them what happened and I said, I’m done for the day. In my head, I knew I was going to be done for good sooner than later. I’m pretty strong-headed so I would not say I was traumatized by this event, but I was affected quite a bit. Mostly about life lessons. Enough to be able to tell the story quite vividly some 20+ years later.

The way the father looked at me just made me realize how important it is to appreciate everything because it does not last forever and how much being a good person matters and the impact it can have on others. Little things can mean a lot.

Be Nice to People
Working and connecting online is only going to be more and more common, but the same rules of kindness and respect matter. Respond with a thank you if someone takes the time to answer your question or do not write scathing or mean-spirited emails to a company because your product is not working right. We live in a digital world, but there is usually a human on the other end that has feelings just like you. Be nice.

Are You Happy?
But most importantly, are you happy and are you living or trying to create the life you want? Are you living life on your own terms and maki ?

Do Your Thing
I am actually very cautious and conscious of giving people advice like quit your job and go do your thing, because I am practical and strategic and everybody is wired differently. I’m not romantic about being an entrepreneur or working for myself, I am just very conscious of doing things that are meaningful and are satisfying to me and my goal usually involves trying to be happy. I want to love what I do and be happy where I live.

I moved to Florida for a job that I worked at for 8+ years and it was the perfect fit for me and not once did I wish I was on my own, so be thoughtful about your decisions do not feel pressured to venture out on your own because others tell you it’s cool or awesome or the way to have freedom.

Freedom is doing what you know is best for you and not being afraid to own it.The point of everything is to figure out what you really, really want and put yourself on that path no matter silly or even simple it may seem. I like running errands and doing busy work for people which is what Murphy Concierge is more or less, only it’s tech focused.

Why I Told This Story
My whole reason for telling this story today is to make you stop for a second and do a gut check. Look in the mirror and make sure you are not living someone else’s version of your life.

Self-doubt is living how you were always taught was the right or practical or safe way. You don’t want your friends and family to worry or you want people to know that you are doing your best. That’s all very natural, but if you are burning up inside with interest in doing something else that other may not understand or you might be told it won’t work, you have to try and find a way to start doing it on the side or any time you can squeeze out.

Your happiness makes your life and everyone around you better and if you are not doing everything in your power to seek happiness and fulfillment, now is the time to start.

Now is the time
I really believe we are in a holding pattern with massive disruption about to turn things upside down, but right now everything is wide open and for the taking.

It’s a free for all right now and very soon that is all going to change and the online landscape as we know it not be such a level playing field. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I am excited because I am putting myself in a position to win. I hope you are too.

I think we all have an open canvas right now and you have to take advantage of this incredibly creative time we are in and go all in on yourself. It does not matter what you paint on your canvas, so long as you are being completely honest with what you want. And it is okay if that is working 9–5 at a bank.

Creating the life you want is incredibly difficult, time-consuming, scary, always changing and never certain.

As cliche or as common you hear it, it doesn’t change the fact that you really only have one life and it can be over in an instant. Are you living the life you want? If yes, congratulations and if you, start creating it. Learn. Create. Move Forward.



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