The Franklin Show

EP116: The Franklin Show

Today is a mobile podcast episode as I am recording this episode in Franklin, Tennessee.

Holiday Episode 116:

Black Friday Updates
History lesson of Franklin & Nashville, Tennessee
Behind the scenes look into my mobile podcast and gear kit that I brought to record audio and create content.

First and foremost:
I hope you all had had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and you were able to relax, enjoy some friends and family and eat well. I did all of those things.


Episode 116: The Franklin Show:

Black Friday Updates:

Deals of the Day on Amazon:

2017 Holiday Gift & Gear Guide:

Franklin & Nashville Trivia

  1. Franklin was named after Ben Franklin. It was almost called Marthasville, so good job there Tennessee.
  2. Tennessee was originally part of North Carolina, but broke off in 1796 to become the 16th US State.
  3. Nashville was founded on Christmas eve in 1779
  4. The first woman sentenced to die by electrocution in Tennessee in 1949
  5. Teddy Roosevelt coined the phrase “good to the last drop after drinking a locally produced coffee a the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville
  6. Nashville was the first city in the country to get a FM-broadcasting license in 1941.
  7. Oprah Winfrey got her start in television as the first African-American female news anchor at a Nashville station
  8. United Records Pressing has produced recordings for numerous legendary performers and is one of only four companies in the nation still producing vinyl records.
  9. It is illegal to keep a cheetah as a pet in Nashville
  10. The Grand Ole Opry is the longest-running radio show in the world.

Mobile Podcast & Travel Gear

BUBM Travel Bag:
2-Tier Travel Bag & Electronics Organizer
Organize audio gear, electronics, cables. Stuff it in your backpack or luggage.
BUBM: Be you, Be Myself

Amazon Link:

The swiss army knife of audio
Amazon Link:

Shure SM58:
Amazon Link:

Samson Q2U:
Amazon Link:

Eneloop Batteries (AA):
Amazon Link:


Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone plugged into Zoom H6 Hand Recorder using XLR connector.
Zoom H6 has memory card.
Memory card to computer and edit in Adobe Audition.

IOS Recordings:
The app I use to record on iPhone & iPad:


Thank you and happy holidays from Franklin, Tennessee

Amazon Black Friday Deals:

2017 Holiday Gift & Gear Guide:



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The Open Mike Show

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

–Albert Einstein

EP115: The Open Mike Show

What is my backstory that led me down this path of making daily tutorials and what does success look like for me?

#Welcome to episode 115: The Open Mike Show

What is my deal?
I’ve been asked this many times in life and not verbatim, but, twice in the past month on social media.

Today is a story time episode:

First, the abbreviated backstory:
What has led me to want to teach people online?

Then, I’ll jump to the present day:
What the heck am I doing making daily content and tutorials and what is my game-plan?

What does success look like for Mike Murphy LLC?

The Backstory:

What I enjoyed as a kid:
Sports (being active)

Using my noggin
(cards, puzzles, games, game shows)

I loved school.

I loved learning.

College Life:

I entered college with no clue what I wanted to study or do – A theme that has been with me for as long as I recall, but I loved every minute of the college experience.

Being independent
Studying and Learning
Traveling (Road trips)


Resort/College-town living
Quality of Life
Curious always
“Those who wander are not lost”
-JRR Tolkien

Difficult Questions for Me:

What is your passion?
What do you want to do with your life?
What is your life calling?
What are you good at?

The Past 9 years:
Managing a photo studio
Lots of tutorials and podcast consumption
Wearing as many hats as possible
Learning (photo, video, audio, Adobe, networking, business, marketing, web, design, IT….)
Moving forward

Why Teach:

It comes naturally and I like to share knowledge that helps people

Present Day:

I have now created and uploaded content for 792 days in a row.

I have made one video per day for 381 days straight.

I started making things to help me figure out what my thing was.

I also started making things everyday because that is how you get great at something. You practice…alot.

And after two years of making daily content, I have learned a lot about myself and have gotten exponentially better at everything and most importantly, I have figured out that I am doing exactly what I should be doing: creating online content and teaching people.

My focus is on teaching people how to create online content to build their personal brand or business. This includes learning how to podcast and learning how to produce and edit video and sharing the latest trends in social media and sharing my knowledge of industry leading tools like Adobe CC that will give them the competitive edge. The skills of the future.

Technology is moving really fast.
Creators and educators will be valuable.
I’m preparing myself for good times ahead.

I am creating the life I want.

So what does success look like for me?

Simplicity and happiness with enough money to keep on creating and enjoying life.

I want to learn and create for a living to share my knowledge.

I want to inspire and motivate people to take a chance on themselves by leading with example.

My deal right now may not seem so obvious to everyone, but the only person I really need to convince that I am doing the right thing is myself.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.



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The Gift Guide Show

EP114: The Holiday Gift Guide Show

In today’s episode I take you behind the scenes of the 2017 Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide for Content Creators

What this episode will cover:

What is the Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide for Content Creators?

Why did I create the Holiday Guide? Aka. What are my goals

How do I make the content?

Where do I distribute the content?


I taught myself how to use After Effects in November 2016 to animate some gear demonstrations and how-to’s and this turned into the 2016 Holiday Gift & Gear Guide.

The problem: Because I was new to After Effects and I was biting off more than I could chew, videos were taking 4–6 hours every night and I did not want to repeat that in 2017, but wanted to continue with the Gear Guide.

If you want to learn a new tool like Photoshop or After Effects or Premiere, jump in and try to complete finished projects vs just learning the overview of how the program works. Get your hands dirty.

Pat on the back Moment: I have uploaded a video every single day since November 1st 2016. That’s a lot of videos

What is the Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide for Content Creators?

The Gift Guide itself is a combination of video, text and since I’m talking about it on this podcast, audio. The three pillars of content creation.

The Gift Guide will include approximately 25–30 products that I think will make good gifts for creatives and online business owners.

Each video has a mini-blog post with all the details about the product and what it does and all the relevant details and I post the text and video on Insta, Facebook, YouTube and some will go on I also made a unique page on my website for all of the videos and links.

View the Master Gift List on Amazon:

Why Did I Create the Gift & Gear Guide?

Business and brand building by honing in on a new style of tech review and tutorial that may attract vendors and brands who want me to use their products and because I think over time I am going to develop a style that is quality and helpful.

Monetization. I am trying to build a business doing what I love and that requires income, so making videos about gear is a good way to direct traffic to my Amazon affiliate links and build a passive income revenue stream over time.

Uniqueness. 3. I’m a one man band beating to my own drum and just trying to keep things genuine and all me. Uniqueness is a strategy for the Mike Murphy brand.

How do I make the content?

Camera: Logitech c920
Microphone: Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic
Video Editors:
Screenflow (to record)
Camtasia & Premiere to Edit Videos
Adobe After Effects to spruce it up

Click For free 30-day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud

Where do I distribute the content?


2017 Mike Murphy Holiday Gift & Gear Guide:

Amazon (I upload each gift as I release the video)



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The Adobe CC 2018 Show

EP113: The Adobe CC 2018 Show

Today’s episode is a rundown of Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 and all of the new updates and applications that will benefit you as a content creator.

What is Adobe CC? What’s new in Adobe CC 2018? What new updates am I excited about?

Free 30-day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud:

From The Archives: Episode 38: The Adobe Show


Adobe Creative Cloud Overview

Adobe CC is a subscription based bundle of creative software programs by silicon valley giant Adobe. Adobe CC is the creative industry standard used by graphic and web designers, video creators and editors, podcasters, print and advertising agencies and online content creators from all walks of life. It’s a big deal. Photoshop was always the program most associated with Adobe, but video, audio and animation is a major component of Adobe CC.

Cost: $50/month for full Adobe Creative Cloud $20 for teachers/students $20/a la carte apps (Audition only)

$9.99 for Photography Bundle (Photoshop, Bridge & Lightroom)

Free Trial:

Technology Trends

The reason I think Adobe and the Adobe Creative Cloud is so incredible and important is that it is run by innovative and forward-thinkers and creatives and stays current and even ahead of the rapidly changing technologies which is not easy to do.

Adobe and Apple and Amazon are dominating because they understand the behaviors of people and they are shaping technology and creativity and business with the tools and products and services they offer and if you want to stay relevant and stand apart from your competitors, all you really need to do is pay attention to what companies like Adobe are focusing on.

You don’t need to know what AR or VR or artificial intelligence is, but if the new iPhone and all of the video apps in Adobe CC are talking a lot about those technologies, then maybe put it in the back of your head as something to keep an eye on.

Keep your finger on the pulse and use the tools and services that will give you the best chance as standing out or getting noticed and take advantage of the tools that will help you move forward.



Adobe CC 2018.

Major update in October of 2017.

Use the Creative Cloud app to install updates.

Tools I Use: Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Lightroom Audition Premiere Pro After Effects

New apps out of beta: Adobe XD Adobe Dimension Adobe Character Animator.

Highlights of Updates:

Adobe Lightroom CC: Brand new Lightroom in the cloud. The old version is called Lightroom Classic. Lightroom CC comes with 1TB and stores RAW and jpegs in the cloud so you can work from anywhere. Big deal.

Photoshop: Curvature Pen Tool Improved Properties panel. Smooth brush strokes Better brush organization Kyle Webster Brushes Quick Share Menu

Illustrator: Properties Panel Puppet Warp

InDesign: Footnotes

Adobe Audition: Auto-Ducking Faster Mix Downs

Adobe After Effects: Virtual Reality and 360 camera editing Cool new animations updates

Premiere Pro: Improved essential graphics Responsive animations Multiple Projects

Adobe XD: Design & prototype, for designing websites, mobile apps, and more.

Adobe Dimension: Composite 2D and 3D assets to build product shots, scene visualizations, and abstract art.

Adobe Character Animator: Out of beta! New Triggers and Controls panels

In Conclusion

Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 had some game-changer updates like Lightroom CC and many performance improvements and some fun new tools, but the biggest takeaway I want you to leave with today is to realize that you have powerful tools and cutting edge technologies available to you to create amazing things, but you have to be willing to dig in and learn new things and its up to you to stay educated and up to date.

It would be impossible and impractical to try and learn all of the new stuff being thrown at us 24/7, but if you are in the creative space or you are trying to make a living creating content or building a business around social media and online marketing, it is your responsibility to keep learning and pushing the boundaries and testing new tools or you will get left behind and there will be no-one to blame.

It took me several days after the Adobe CC 2018 release to read about all the updates and new features so that is why I wanted to make today’s show to just let you know some of the highlights, but to keep you motivated to stay current and not get complacent.

Things are not slowing down, so keep learning, creating and moving forward. If you have questions about anything in the Adobe Creative Cloud, I’m happy to help and as I mentioned, there is a link in the show notes if you want a free 30-day trial so you can start dominating the content creation world.


If you would like to join my one man band and support the show for $1/month, you can go to and that will unlock the super secret handshake. It’s a work in progress, but it is my goal to build a community of like-minded go-getters and do-gooders and joining the Patreon group also gets you direct access to me if you ever have gear or tech questions.



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Gift 02: Logitech c920 Webcam

Gift 02: Logitech c920 Webcam

Gift 02: Logitech c920 Webcam

The Mike Murphy 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Content Creators

Backstory of the Holiday Gift Guide:
I am a podcaster and content creator and I help people figure things out. I am frequently asked for advice on gear and what tools to purchase. The Holiday Gift Guide is a way for me to share the tools I use and those that I think will help others create online content or just enjoy life a little more.

Gift 02:

The Logitech c920 HD Webcam ($50 on Amazon)

Amazon Affiliate Link:

Gift Guide Master List:




Widescreen Video Calling and Recording,
1080p Camer

Great for Skype
Great for Facebook & YouTube Live
Great for talking head videos and tutorials
Great for product shots
I shoot my hands when demonstrating iPhone gestures
Works on Macs & Windows

Logitech c920_FLIPPED

Tech Note
I own both the c920 & c930 and I use Macs.
If I had to choose between the two I would say go with the c920. It is consistently better at auto exposure and auto-focus.

Great for Travel

I keep the c930 in my backpack for on-location and travel and for only $55.

I would recommend to you that you keep a backup c920 on hand for travel and it can really come in handy when you need b-roll or a second angle.

Logitech c920 Webcam is probably one of the hardest working gear I own.

Amazon/Affiliate Disclosure:

Mike Murphy LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.