The Reflection Show

Holidays & Happy New Years to you.

In today’s episode, I glance back at 2016 to help me prepare for a big 2017.

Flash Back to 2015:

Big wins for 2015:
1. realizing teaching motivated me in a big way
2. I discovered my voice and really discovered my strengths and weaknesses
3. The big tangible win of 2015 was launching a podcast.

2015 was the year of self-awareness. for me and Understanding my strengths and weaknesses really helped me shape the 2016 Roadmap.

I was right on the money in 2015.

The 2016 Roadmap Priorities were:

Get better & Podcasting & Audio Production. Check.

Writing scripts is still not much fun for me, but the rest of it is smooth sailing.

Become a better teacher.

I feel very confident in my teaching ability and I think it is because I produce content at a very consistent pace. I practice most everything I teach so the more skilled I become the better I become as a teacher.


Room for improvement, but I made some solid and long-term connections in 2016. I keep small circles, so all good here, but need to spread my wings a little more in 2017. I have a tendency of putting my head down in work mode. I need to reciprocate and acknowledge hard work of others.

Establish myself as an authority.

The more I create and do live streaming and podcasting, the more authoritative I become. I know what I’m talking about and believe it. I’ll never rest on my laurels and will always learn and practice, so this will be an area of strength for me.

Growing email list, building community and driving website traffic.

Did a poor job in this area. Kind of on purpose since I did not really have an offer of value for signing up other than notification of each new podcast.

Repurposing Content.

I did better in this department, but really need to tear apart all of my podcast episodes and repurpose. I have a ton of good Evergreen content and it’s not being seen.

Performance Review:

The 2016 Content Goals:
Did I hit my content goals?

One Podcast per week. Yes.
Have not missed an episode since September 25, 2015

One Newsletter per week. Check.
No sweat.
One Blog Post Per Week: Sort of.
Between posting weekly episodes to blog and over 80 Medium articles, I practiced writing quite a bit.

One tutorial per week. Yes.
I made over 100 videos and while not all traditional tutorials, they were all to teach.

Three Classes on Skillshare.
Yes! I wanted to do 12, but fell short by a lot.

Bonus: Publish Everyday Yes!! 450 days straight and still counting on Instgram and more.


2016 was tough in a good way.

I pushed myself really hard. Especially Creatively, but the overall consensus was a big thumbs up .

I was very determined and driven to keep moving forward and to keep learning and to keep creating.

My tagline is Learn, Create, Move Forward and it really is perfect for me because that is what motivates me.

2016 was the year of Fearless Creativity and Drive & Exposure.

Next episdode: 2017 Roadmap

Happy New Years.


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The Adobe After Effects Show


Happy Holidays to all. Whatever you’re celebrating, I wish you the best.

Part 2 of 2:

How I made the Pod Shed Holiday Gift Guide videos (Hint: See Title of Episode)

What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics and special effects tool and Adobe’s description calls After Effects “The industry-standard animation and creative compositing app lets you design and deliver professional motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web.”

After Effects has many similarities to Photoshop. It works in layers and you add effects. Photoshop is known for working with photos and still artwork and After Effects is all about motion.

After Effects is a compositing tool and you can build really complex motion graphics and special effects. And compositing using green screens and what is called Chroma Keying & Camera Tracking is where After effects really shines and where it gets a little complicated for me. Just put it this way, when you see really cool special effects in movies or on TV even when watching the local news, think After Effects.

Typical Pro Workflow (videographers, film…):
Adobe Premiere Pro for assembling and editing video

After Effects for special effects and pizazz

Adobe Audition for sound design

Workflow To Make The PodShed Holiday Gift Guide Videos:

To see all videos, click here.

Step 1: Adobe Draw
Using iPad Pro & Apple Pencil I hand-draw all products and tools

Step 2: AirDrop the final drawing to my MacBook

Step 3: Adobe After Effects and create a new composition for each video I make. The composition is basically the scene or canvas where you build up the animation. I size everything to 1920x1080p at 24 fps for those with video knowledge.

Step 4: Photoshop or Illustrator to make graphics or backgrounds/textures.

Step 5: Adobe Character Animator to make “Mini-Mike” animated character

Step 6: Audio/Soundtrack
I use which is $99/year for unlimited audio tracks of all flavors that you can use for personal or commercial use.

Side tip here: If you ever get a copyright violation from YouTube and you are certain you have permission to use audio, simply email the place you got the music and they will handle the claim and YouTube will take down the warning asap.

Step 7: Story Build a 60 second or less story about the product or tool.

Step 8: Adobe Media Encoder to Export video as HD 1920 x1080p .mp4 video.

Step 9: Upload to Instagram & Share to Facebook & Twitter

Step 10: Upload to YouTube and take the link on YouTube and embed it in the post at and on Phew.

Happy Holidays!




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Mike Murphy

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The Video Strategy Show

Mike’s video content strategy and Behind the scenes of The PodShed Holiday Gift Guide Video Series

Sponsor Time: The Podcaster Toolkit.
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The PodShed Holiday Gift Guide:

Click Here for Full Blog Post & All The Videos

This was a video series I created for Instagram & Facebook.

Over 20 animated videos with gift ideas for podcasters & creatives (yikes…it was hard)

What is the Pod-Shed?

Well, it is the shed of my cottage I converted to a makeshift studio where I play with my camera and podcast equipment. My creative lab and a place I thought would make for good videos although it gets really hot and buggy.

Marketing Warning & Tip:

Keep your brand simple. I am introducing too many names and things into the mix and my branding is getting confusing. Be careful here. People need to know who you are and what you stand for at a quick glance.

The Video Marketing Strategy Simplified:

Strategy 1:

Creating a brand around me.

Branding is how people talk about you when you are not around. Your logo and graphics and brand package needs to convey how you want people to perceive you and your business.

I want people to see me as someone who is an avid learner and practitioner of gear and tools and is always working on getting better and trying to push others to do so. I motivate others by doing and teaching.

Strategy 2:

Post Often (quantity)

I am all about consistency and reliability in all parts of my life. By posting daily I am just being me, but also letting people know that I could be a valuable asset to their project because I am dependable.

Strategy 3:

Creating a Campaign that can be repeated.

The holidays happen every year. I knew this was something I could repeat year after year and traditions start with doing something once. So I started. Who knows what will happen in 2017, but it is something I can build up and while 2016 may not have been financially successful, may 2017 will. Potential to build up some buzz.

Strategy 4:


Promoting gear and tools and products means I can include Amazon Affiliate Links and possibly generate some revenue.

I’m also trying to attract brands for partnerships, projects, collaborations or to start doing gear demos. I always tag brands when I promote their products. I only promote things I like, so if I do start attracting brands, it’s got to be good or I’m not going to refer the product.


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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

One Man Band

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The 2016 PodShed Holiday Gift Guide

The 2016 PodShed Holiday Gift Guide

Affiliate Disclosure

I participate in the Amazon Associate Program and I also take part in affiliate programs of other companies or brands that I really like and think make good products or services. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I may receive commission from the company at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I use and love or that I think will be helpful to you. The affiliate partnerships allow me to maintain the website and keep creating and sharing content to help both of us move forward in business and in life.

01: Manfrotto Pixi Tripod

Perfect Lightweight Tripod
I use it with Gift #2 for iPhone Video
Buy on Amazon ($25)

02: MeFoto SideKick 360

Phone Cradle & Tripod Adapter
I use this with iPhone 6
Buy on Amazon ($30)

03: Rode Smartlav Plus

Lavalier Mic for Smartphones
Awesome Sound & Price ($79)
Buy on Amazon

04: MeFoto Tripod

Small & Lightweight Tripod
Buy on Amazon

05: Zoom H1

Handy Recorder
Stereo Mics w/Headphone Output
Easy & High Quality
Buy on Amazon

06: Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

My Podcast Headphones
Great Sound & Design
Comfortable & Affordable
Buy on Amazon ($79)

07: Anker Portable Charger

Portable ‘Lipstick’ Charger
3200 mAh
Up to 2 iPhone Charges
Buy on Amazon ($10-15)

08: Tools of Titans

New book by Tim Ferriss
Tools, Habits & Routines of Successful People
Release Date: 12/6/16
Buy on Amazon

09: Canary Security Camera

Wi-Fi Security Camera
HD 1080p Camera (Great low-low-light camer)
Monitor your home from iPhone or iPad
Buy on Amazon

10: K&M iPad Holder

Holds iPad Pro 9″ & 12.9″
Mount to light or microphone stands
I use for stop motions
Buy on Amazon


Shure SM58 Dynamic Micrphone
Great for podcasting & all-purpose voice work
Always in my mobile podcasting kit
Buy on Amazon

12: Rode Wireless Lavalier System

Wireless Lavalier System for DSLR Cameras
Get great audio in you camera with no wires
Range: 300 ft!
Buy on Amazon

13: TritonAudio Fethead

Mini-preamp adds +27dB of clean gain
Use with ‘gain hungry’ dynamic microphones (SM7B, RE-20, SM58)
Great for mobile podcast kit
Buy on Amazon (Should only be $89. Go to B&H if not)

14: Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

Eneloops are what the pro photographers use for everything
Retain charge for a long time
Dependable and come in AA & AAA
Buy on Amazon ($20 for 8 batteries)

15: Anker USB 3.0 Hub

Portable USB 3.0 Hub
Stylish, aluminum and really small
Bus-Powered, so no power cord
Buy on Amazon ($15)

16: SanDisk Memory Cards

SanDisk Extreme Pro
Read Up To 95MB/s/ Write Up To 90MB/s
4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160p); Full HD (1920 x 1080p)
Buy on Amazon (Prices all over the place $20-40)

17: NutriBullet

Magic Bullet Nutribullet Mixer
Blends raw fruit and veggies
Comes with specialty Mixers and recipes
Buy on Amazon ($80 and up)

18: Scarlett 2i2

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
USB Audio Interface
Small & Perfect for Mobile Podcasting
Buy on Amazon ($149)

19: Baron Fig Confidant

The Confidant Ideas Notebook
5.5″ x 7.5″
Blank, Ruled or Dot Grid Paper
Baron Fig Website ($16)

20: Wacom Intuos Tablet

Wacom Graphics Tablet & Pen
Small, Medium & Large
Loved by Creative Professionals
Buy on Amazon ($288)

21: Logitech c922

HD Webcam
1080 & 60fps
Designed for Live Streaming
Buy on Amazon ($88)

22: DJI Osmo

Gimbal for Smartphone
For smooth hand-held video shooting
Perfect for Vlogging or Live Streaming
Buy on Amazon ($299) or Apple Store.

23: LaCie Rugged

LaCie 2TB Rugged External Hard Drive
Thunderbolt & USB 3.0
Perfect for Video Editors & Laptoppers
Buy on Amazon ($199)

The Adobe Mobile Show

Episode 66 is an introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps

What are the Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps and how can they help your creativity and workflow for your podcast, brand and online business?

Todays sponsor: (I’m getting there, promise). Head on over and sign up to keep up to date on the progress.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe CC is a bundle of creative software applications like Photoshop and Illustrator and Premiere Pro and Audition.

Pay one price of $49.99/month for all programs
Pay $19.99 for a la carte programs
Pay $9.99 for The Photographer Bundle that includes Photoshop, Lightroom & Bridge.

Education discounts available

CC Libraries

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries are nothing more than a Drop Box for anything you want access to across all of the programs for the most part. In the past if you were designing a marketing piece you had to go find your logo and colors and all of your branding assets.

With CC Libraries you can store them all in one folder that shows up in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc and you just drag them into your project. You can put almost anything in there such as photos, vectors, brushes, patterns, color swatches. Really a time saver and so is creating on your iDevices, so let’s go

Adobe Mobile Apps

The Main Categories:
Design & Illustration
Video or Visual Storytelling
And Photography and Creative Imaging

Two Standalone Apps to start with:

Adobe CC App:
The Creative Cloud App gives you access to all of your libraries and everything you create in the mobile apps.

Adobe Capture: Words can’t describe how awesome Adobe Capture app is. It’s magical. Take a picture of anything and turn it into a vector illustration or a texture or pattern. Open up Illustrator and your creation is waiting for you. Incredible tool for creativives.

Design & Illustration

There are 3 in this category I use two of these all the time and those are:

Adobe Draw for Illustrator The tool I use to draw all of the product images I use in my videos, etc. is Adobe Draw. Love it

Photoshop Sketch: Sketch is an Awesome painting and sketching app with tons of pencils, brushes, markers…Similar to the popular painting app, ProCreate.

Big Side Tip here: If you are into digital painting or starting to learn, go check out Kyle Webster Brushes. Awesome

Adobe Comp which if you use inDesign or design websites, you need to check out this incredible app. I do a lot of layout work and this app is not one I’m in all the time, but it is pretty remarkable what is capable with this app. That is Adobe Comp.

Video or Animation:

Spark Apps

Adobe Spark Page

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Video.

Adobe Spark Page allows you to create a story about your brand or podcast on a web page using video and images and text. You simple supply the words and images and Adobe Page does all the magic and you have a cool webpage you can send people to in minutes. Have you ever wanted to create an intro video about your podcast? You could probably do it in under 10 minutes with Page. Yup

Adobe Spark Post. If you create images with text or quotes, this is the app for you. It is similar to Canva in that the app has really awesome typography and pre-designed templates and you just add in the text and get the design how you want and share to social media. Like all of the apps, what makes it so good is you always have access to your Creative Cloud folders.

Adobe Spark Videoo allows you to create animated stories in minutes. Choose from templates or create your own. Like Page, you just have to supply the text and images and the app converts it to a video for you to share.

Adobe Premiere Clip which I mentioned in Ep 65 the premiere show, but Premiere clip allows me to create and/or edit video on my iPhone or iPad. Video can be a pain, so if I can make a video using my iPhone and add a soundtrack and some cool transitions in a matter of minutes, I’m all in and Premiere Clip does just that.


Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Fix


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Mike Murphy

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