The Adobe Show

The Adobe Show

Ep38: The Adobe Show

What exactly is Adobe Creative Cloud?
What programs do I use for my podcast?
Is it worth the investment?

Ask Mike Anything:

Today’s Ask Mike Anything Question came from a Google survey I conducted :

How do you keep a consistent publishing schedule when you have a busy lifestyle?

The simplest answer I can give you is that you need to make your podcast a priority and a part of your routine. No exceptions.

Bottom Line:
Your podcast needs to be a routine in your life or business that just becomes like any other commitment on the schedule if you want to keep consistent. If you are not happy with your format or your podcast is controlling you, adapt and change. I am a one man band show because it fits my style yet I know interviews would get me more downloads. Do what is best for you and stick to a schedule and you will be able to publish on time.

Adobe Creative Cloud Website

How much does it cost:

Free 30-day trial

Individuals, a subscription is $50/month
Students and teachers it is only $19.99 month. That’s incredible.
A la carte programs (i.e. Audition): $19.99
Photography Bundle: Photoshop and Lightroom for only $9.99/month
Students & Teachers: $19.99!

A quick overview of Adobe CC:

Adobe Creative Cloud is 28 professional grade programs and currently 12–15 mobile apps.

Adobe CC also includes full integration with the popular design and [Behance](Online Portfolios on Behance) (portfolios)
Adobe Stock (stock photography)
Typekit (font library)

Places to Learn (for starters)
Kelby One


Podcast Audio Editing:
Adobe Audition

My photography and everything else workflow revolves around my comfort foods:

Episode artwork and all publishing work (pdf guides…)

Logo and vector work:

Video Work
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Adobe Media Encoder

Other tools:
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Muse

Mobile Apps (the notable ones):

Creative Cloud
Photoshop Mix
Photoshop Fix
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Spark Post
Adobe Spark Page
Adobe Spark Video
Adobe Capture(replaces Draw, Color, Comp & Shape)
Adobe Premiere Clip

The Instagram Show

The Instagram Show

Episode 37: The Instagram Show

  • What is Instagram?
  • How Do I use it?
  • How can you use Instagram to promote your podcast?

Ask Mike Anything

Today’s Ask Mike Anything came via email from Vivian Carrasco from The Turning Inward, podcast:

Question: What is the difference between all of the voice apps like Anchor, Clammr and which ones to you like?

My two favorite audio apps for podcast marketing and promotion today are:
Clammr (24-second soundbites)
Adobe Voice (Mix in photos/videos)
Adobe Voice is now Adobe Spark Video (as of 5.19.16):

Instagram FAQ:

  • Instagram was started in 2010
  • Photo and video social media site for iOS and Android
  • 400 million active users (up from 90 million just 3 years ago)Bought by Facebook for $1Billion dollars in 2012,
  • 29% of the US population over 12 use Instagram
  • More than 80 million photos are uploaded daily
  • 3.5 Billion daily likes
  • Photos no longer have to be square (any aspect ratio permitted)
  • Videos up to 1 minute long

Why Do I Use Instagram?:

  • Marketing
  • Personal Creativity & Development
  • Networking
  • For the love of Photography

How Do I Use Instagram?:

My Workflow:
Canon t5i Camera
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
AirDrop To iPhone

Related iOS Apps:
Adobe Post (as of 5.19.16, the app is now called Adobe Spark Post)
Boomerang (by Instagram)
Hyperlapse (by Instagram)
VSCO (popular)
Snapseed (great photo editor)

Photo Tip #1: I export photos to Instagram at 2048px by 2048px
Photo Tip #2: The Dehaze Filter in Lightroom and Camera Raw is my secret sauce

Done is Better Than Perfect: Don’t obsess over editing for Instagram.


Look at other’s hashtags and compile your own set
Use Text Replacement shortcut to make adding hashtags easy

My Main Hashtag Set:
#Learn,#create,#moveforward,#unplugged, #onemanband, #podcaster, #podcasters, #podcasts, #howtopodcast, #podcastlife, #podcasting, #audio,#gear


  • Search for people
  • Search by clicking on hashtags
  • Like, comment and just say hey to people.

Instagram for Podcaster’s Tips:

  1. Post regularly and be consistent with look or style
  2. Use the right hashtags
  3. Be social. Follow people. Like photos. And leave comments.
  4. Use Video. Snapchat, Boomerang & Hyperlapse or any video.
  5. Promote each episode on release date. Tag guests. Ask guests to promote.
  6. Use Instagram to find guests
  7. Interact with podcast hosts of shows you want to be a guest on
  8. Cross Promote on Other Channels
  9. Run Instagram Contests

Follow Mike On Instagram:

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Ask Mike Anything

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The Tutorial Show

The Tutorial Show

Ep36: The Tutorial Show

The Art of Making Tutorials.

How To Make Tutorials:
1. How Do You Find Topics?
2. How are they made ?
3. Where Do You Share Them?
4. Why Should You Make Tutorials?

Today’s Ask Mike Anything came from Blab:

Question: How to I get influencers and high profile guests on my show?

Answer: You need to develop a relationship and connection with anyone you want as a guest. Start small and be respectful. You are planting a seed, and not screaming at them or stalking them. Comment on a blog post or Medium article. Then another and maybe add your two cents. Retweet some of their tweets. Treat the potential guest like any other friend or human you would interact with. Then send an email and say, Hey Mike, I’m finding a lot of value in your content. I particularly liked your article on this and your podcast episode about that was spot on. I have a weekly podcast where I interview leading entrepreneurs like yourself and I would love to introduce you to my listeners and promote your new book. Would you be available for a 20 minute interview in the next 2 months?

What is a Tutorial?:

Tutorials are simply educational or informational lessons about a topic. I think of tutorials as mini-lesson plans from school and bundles of tutorials can make up a course or class. Tutorials can be audio or video or text and their whole goal is to teach.

How Do you find topics to teach?

I try to find topics that I think will help people save time or helps them do something better or faster.

This can cover a wide range of topics, but I only teach things that I do or I know a lot about and think are relevant to content creation and podcasting.

Places to Find Topics:
–Look in your emails for questions people ask you.
–Questions from listeners or online
–What do you do everyday for your business? Share your process.
–Go into your application folder on your Mac or PC and look at all of the software
– iPhone and look at all of your apps, any useful apps or tips?
–Get inspiration from, &

Resource Tip #1:

Trello to organize my tutorial ideas and workflow.


Step 1: Once you decide on the topic, Write a Script or Outline. Always.

Tips For Writing A Script:
Start with the end goal in mind:
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to…
What is the benefit they will receive from watching?
End with a Call To Action (go visit website, etc)

Pre-Production Tip:
Organize your project folders

Resource Tip #2:

Step 2: Recording & Production
  1. Live video. You teach in front of a camera
  2. Screencasting. You use a program like Screenflow or Camtasia and record your computer or idevice screen.
  3. Combination of both. Mixing the talking head camera with screen casting, which is what I typically do.
Step 3: Editing

Clean it up, Spruce it up with your logo and titles and some music, but keep it really simple.

Resource Tip #3: Wistia

Where Do You Put Tutorials:

  • Start with YouTube
  • Make a blog post and embed the YouTube link
  • Use Buffer to share on social media

Big Tip: Give your tutorial a good title.

Why Make Tutorials?

  • Help People
  • People can connect with you
  • Establish Authority
  • Content will drive traffic to your site and YouTube channel
  • Improve knowledge, teaching style and confidence.
  • Helps podcast script writing and overall quality of delivery
  • Great networking and marketing tool.


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The Snapchat Show (Part 2)

The Snapchat Show (Part 2)

Ep 35: The Snapchat Show (Part 2)

Episode 34: Part 1
What it is?
How You Use It?
And How Add Followers?

Episode #35, Part 2
Why I am using Snapchat?
5 Strategies I use that will help you get started.
What have the results been so far?

Ask Mike Anything came from Snapchat:

Question: Do you have any recommendations for stands or cases to make using Snapchat easier?

Here are my 3 favorite iPhone accessories (see images below post):

Olloclip Studio
MeFoto Sidekick
Manfrotto Desk Tripod

Why I am using Snapchat:

Update: 10 billion videos per day are being viewed on Snapchat.

The platform is young. I recognized the marketing potential and ability to promote my personal brand by teaching and sharing behind the scenes footage of my workflow and process.

People I mentioned:

Gary Vaynerchuk
John Lee Dumas
Cliff Ravenscraft

5 Strategies of Using Snapchat:

#1. Ghost Codes: Directory of Snapchat users that can be searched by Interest tags 


#2. Teaching: Share what you know. Build your authority. Give tutorials on Snapchat or teach your niche topic.

#3. Repurpose Content. Cross platform snaps to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

#4. Audience Engagement. Give your audience direct access to you and your story. 

#5 Behind the Scenes. Show off your workspace and how you do what you do!

Benefits of Using Snapchat (so far):

Increase Confidence (Behind Camera)
Improvement in teaching style
Building a network/Meeting new folks
New listeners to podcast
Establishing myself as authority
Creativity increase
Productivity & Accountability


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