The Guest Interview Show

The Guest Interview Show

Ep29 : The Guest Interview Show

5 Benefits of Being A Guest on a Podcast
5 Tips To Prepare To Be a guest on a Podcast

Ask Mike Anything:

Question:  What do you recommend for backing up your data?

5 Benefits of Being A Guest on a Podcast

1. Build you Authority and position yourself as an expert.
2. Grow your podcast audience and listeners. Most podcast listeners subscribe to many shows, so it is very likely you will gain new listeners with every interview, especially if you go on shows that are similar to your topic.
3. Networking. Your professional rolodex will grow.
4. Confidence & Communication Skills. The more you get out there and talk about yourself and your brand, the more confident and skilled you become. This is a biggie I think.
5. Revenue . Remember last episode when I talked about how expensive it is to run a podcast, well guest interviewing is a great way to generate leads and sell your products and services. This is the time that I remind myself that I really need to start making products and services to sell.

5 Benefits of Being A Guest on a Podcast

1. Be prepared. Enough said.
2. Organize Assets. Make it easy for people to spread the love for you.
3. Tech: Get everything ready and make sure it works.
4. Be professional. Dress for success and properly represent your brand.
5. Listen and show Gratitude. Just be yourself and be nice.

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The Green Show

The Green Show

Ep28 : The Green Show:

How much does it cost to start and maintain a podcast?

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Ask Mike Anything:
What do you think about scripting podcasts?
Answer: I script Mike Murphy Unplugged in a conversational style. I believe preparation is the key to a good podcast, but it depends on your style whether you need a script, outline or bullet points. It really does not matter how you best prepare, but free form conversation is usually not a good recipe for success. I think people who do not plan their content are being lazy in most cases and not respecting their audience. Your audience is giving up a chunk of their busy day to listen to you and it is your responsibility to deliver value and not waste their time because you failed to prepare.

Bottom line: Prepare for each podcast episode just as you would for a speech or presentation. Have you ever sat through a presentation where the host was winging it? Painful, right?
The Cost Of Starting A Podcast:


Amazon Store:
Resource Page (Mike Murphy Co)

Rode Podcaster
Rode Procaster
Electrovoice RE320
Heil PR40
Shure SM7B
Electrovoice RE20

Mixers ($200+):
My Mixer: Allen & Heath Zed 10
Other Brands I recommend: Mackie or Yamaha

Audio Interfaces ($250):
Focusrite 6i6

Headphones (Under $100):
Sony MDR7506
Audio Tecnica

Boom Arm ($100):
Rode PSA-1
Heil PL-2T

Cables ($50+):
Hosa (Main Page Amazon)
Canare 10′ XLR Cable

Webcam ($75):
Logitech c920

Speakers: mAudio BX5 ($200)

Portable Recorder:
Zoom H5
Zoom H6 (My favorite)
Tascam DR-40

Gain Boosters (For low-gain dynamic microphones):
Triton Fethead
Cloud lifter CL-1

PART II: The Software & Web services

GarageBand (Macs)
Audacity (Windows or Mac)
Twisted Wave
Adobe Audition

IOS App ($10):

Tagging ($15):
ID3 Editor

Writing ($50):
Google Docs

Podcast Hosting:
Libsyn ($5-20)
Blubrry ($12-20)

Skype Plugins ($30):
ECamm Call Recorder

Screen casting Software ($99)

Additional Monthly Expenses:
Web hosting: BlueHost ($3.99 & up!)
Backups: Unlimited Backup for $5/month!
Google Apps for Work: $5/month

LED lighting:
IKAN LEDS (B&H often has these on sale)
Fotodiox 312 LEDS 

Free Tools:
Mail chimp (Newsletter)

Mike Murphy Co Resources:
The Resources Page


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The Podfest Show

The Podfest Show

Ep 27: The Podfest Show

Are conferences and industry trade shows worth the price of admission?

Ask Mike Anything:
Question: How can I turn my Blab interviews into a podcast on iTunes. I just don’t get it.
Answer: Blab emails you the Audio & Video file after each completed Blab. I suggest taking the video file and opening in Audition or your DAW (digital audio workstation) and edit the audio just like you would your recorded podcast and export as .mp3 and export to your podcast host just like you would any audio file.

What: Podfest Tampa 2016: Feb 25th -26th ,
Organizers: Chris & Katie Krimitsos 

Highlight #1: The most organized event I have ever been to.

Highlight #2: Single track learning was focused and easy to follow.

Highlight #3: Networking. Meeting new people

Highlight #4: Learning: There were some great guest speakers with some really inspiring insights and perspectives that got me thinking.

Speakers mentioned:
Jeff Brown, Read To Lead Podcast
P. Desmond Adams, Twitter presentation
Danny Pena, Gamer Tag Podcast

Highlight #5: Vendors, Gear & Microphone Testing

Volunteer mentioned: Marc Johansen

Highlight #6: Was self-reflection and personal growth.


Was it worth the price of admission? Absolutely.
Was I glad I went? No question
Will I be at Podfest 2017? Most likely.
Do I recommend it for others to attend? 100%
Do I think Chris & Katie Krimitsos deserve a big thank you and shout out of respect? Yes I do and thank you both. Great job.

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The Repurpose Show

The Repurpose Show

Ep 26: The Repurpose Show

We all know content is king, but how can you get the most bang for your buck?

Today’s Ask Mike Anything came from Blab:

Question: Is there a way to schedule blog posts and show notes in WordPress?

Answer: One of my absolute favorite plugins is called WP Editorial Calendar. 1. It’s free and 2. It’s drop dead simple to use. WP Editorial Calendar is a simply a way to schedule draft posts in WordPress in a more visual way and it can speed up your workflow for blogging and creating blog posts.

Repurposing Content:

What exactly do I mean by repurposing content? Repurposing content is taking anything you create whether it be a podcast, blog post or behind the scenes video and either posting on different platforms, apps or channels or many times content creators slice and dice one piece of content into many pieces so the content is presented in a fresh new way each time.

Why Repurpose?
It takes a lot of time and effort to make good one piece of good content. Sending out one Tweet or publishing one blog post is not giving your work the exposure it deserves. You create content to provide value, so make sure it gets in front of many people’s eyes. This is done by repurposing.



1. Social Media.
Be creative and share the content of each episode over and over again on social media to establish yourself as an authority and gain exposure for your show.

Resources Mentioned:
Be creative and share the content of each episode over and over again on social media to establish yourself as an authority and gain exposure for your show.

Buffer (Free & Awesome)
Tweet Jukebox (Automate & Recycle Tweets. Free Plan)
Meet Edgar (Powerful Twitter Automation Tool. $50/month.)

2. Newsletter:
Your email newsletter is your best form of communication with your audience. Your podcast is produced for them. Take the content and share it in your newsletter in a variety of formats. Be innovative, but show your audience why you created the content in guides or infographics or unique ways that helps them.

3. Blab/Periscope/Live Streaming
Embed the video and use the audio from your live streaming channels on YouTube and on your website. Spread the love.

4. Blog Post
After each episode write really good show notes. But also, take individuals concepts from each episode and write blog posts. Endless opportunities for content and you’ve already done the work.

5. Medium Article. is my favorite internet magazine and a great way to establish authority and yourself as a thought leader. Take your podcast content and turn it into a white paper or guide.

6. Webinar
Webinars or Google Hangouts are a great platform to promote your products or services in Evergreen (never gets old) format. For example, I could create a webinar on repurposing content and demonstrate how I take one podcast episode and create a guide that I can use as a lead magnet. This webinar is like a class that I can use over and over and when I want to promote my paid class, it will serve as a good promo tool and the content was already done for the most part, I just have to fine tune into webinar form.

Resources Mentioned: Webinar Ninja

7. Kindle Book/Audio Book
Ever wanted to add author to your list of accomplishments? Bundle your podcast episodes together and write a book. This is a goal of mine.

*Books Mentioned:
#Ask Gary Vee
by Gary Vaynerchuk (compilation of podcasts)
School of Greatness
by Lewis Howes (all from podcasts)

*Books are affiliate links, meaning I get a small percentage from Amazon if you purchase (and I mean small 🙂

8. Audio Apps Use two of my new favorite social media tools for audio: Clammr & Anchor
For Clammr, after each episode release, you can clip a little teaser from your podcasts and post to Twitter & Facebook.
For Anchor, maybe record a question or thought provoking topic from your podcasts.

9. Lead Magnets:
Create guides, infographics, checklists or resources to get people to sign-up/optin to your email list.

10.Tutorials & Classes
Take several episodes and create a class you can sell on Udemy & Skillshare or take bite sized lessons and make tutorials out of them.


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Tutorial: How To Create Podcast Templates in Adobe Audition

Tutorial: How To Create Podcast Templates in Adobe Audition

How To Create Podcast Templates in Adobe Audition
(Speed up your podcast workflow)

In this video you will learn:
How to create templates in the Multitrack view of Abobe Audition so you can save the intro & outros of your podcast and every element that you use in every podcast. Session Templates are a major timesaver and very easy to do in Adobe Audition.

How To Create Template in Multi-Track in Adobe Audition:
File > Export > Session As Template

To use template:
Create New Multitrack Session
Choose Template
Select your Podcast Template


Have a tutorial request or question ?

Ask Mike Anything.