The Move Forward Show

The Move Forward Show

EP16: The Move Forward Show

We have learned, we have created and in today’s holiday episode we #move forward in business and in life.

In this episode, I discuss:
1. What is Moving Forward To Me?
2. Overcoming Doubt & The Impostor Syndrome
3. Moving Forward.


Ask Mike Anything:

Guest: Heather Donlan, photographer
Do you have any good resources for managing social media for business?

Resources Mentioned:
Pablo by Buffer
Bonus: Meet Edgar


Moving Forward:

[Tweet “There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them. “]

Resources Mentioned:
Momentum (Chrome Extension):


Overcoming Doubt & The Impostor Syndrome:

The Impostor syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy and It is experienced internally as chronic self-doubt, and feelings of intellectual fraudulence.

[Tweet “To overcome doubt, do something out of your comfort zone.”]


The Impostor Syndrome:

The Impostor syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy and It is experienced internally as chronic self-doubt, and feelings of intellectual fraudulence.

Remedy: Be genuine and be yourself and you have nothing to worry about. Respect and learn from others who are in your space, but do not measure your success against what others are doing. Focus on being you and people will respond.

Moving Forward:

Just keep learning and creating and working towards improving and establishing yourself as an authority in your space. Push your self by leaving your comfort zone and you will move forward. There is no such thing as an overnight success, so you have to put in the hard work ad it will pay off.

Small Steps:
Guest blog posts
Be interviewed on podcasts
Answer questions and be helpful in Facebook Groups and social
Participate on Blab
Make a YouTube video
Put Your self out there!

Happy Holidays!



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The Create Show

The Create Show

Ep 15: The Create Show

In today’s episode, this is #2 in the trilogy of Learn. Create. MoveForward, where I discuss the what Create means to me and why it is so important for you.

Today’s episode is all about creation, not be be confused with creativity.
1. What is Content Creation?
2. What things do I create?

Today’s Ask Mike Anything: Do I need to hire a web developer/designer to make a professional looking site for my mortgage business or can I use a template?

WordPress templates and frameworks will work for most scenarios today and coding a website from scratch is not necessary to get the job done and to get up a professional website in no time.

Template Resources:

1. What is Content Creation?
Source: Wikipedia: Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”[2] for self-expression, distribution, marketing and/or publication. Typical forms of content creation include maintaining and updating web sites, blogging, photography, videography, podcasting, the maintenance of social media accounts, and editing and distribution of digital media such as audio, video or design, etc.

I say this so many times, but your only focus needs to be on creating content for your audience and as Seth Godin calls it, your tribe. What does your audience need for you to create. Don’t let infobesity overwhelm or discourage you or make you think that there is too much content already out there, why should I bother? You might ask. You should bother because your voice is unique and your audience needs you to create content that helps them.

Note: Sean McCabe has a great video that I will link in the show notes that addresses this topic really well, called ‘Who Am I to Try” en

2. What do I create and how?

Blog Posts
Lead Magnets
Email Newsletters
BTS Videos

My Classes on Skillshare:
Photoshop:The Art of the Headswap by Mike Murphy
WordPress Cheatsheet for Entrepreneurs by Mike Murphy

Everything so far I’ve talked about (website, blog, videos, classes, podcast) are the big ticket items, then there is everything else that fills in the gaps: artwork and photos for your brand and blog and pretty much everything, lead magnets to get people to sign up for your email list such as my Unplugged Guide of Resources & my Microphone Guide. Then there is your email newsletter which is a great way to communicate with your audience, tutorials, behind the scenes videos…the list goes on.

Resource Mentioned:
Ira Glass Video, The Gap on Vimeo

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The Learn Show

The Learn Show

Ep 14: The Learn Show

In today’s episode, we’re gonna get on the school bus and learn where I do all my studying online. The places I go to most often to learn about: Tech, podcasting, business, design, photography, video and more.

Ask Mike Anything:

Today’s Ask Mike Anything comes from a question I received on Blab this past Monday night from a high school teacher who asked, Are there any good resources online to teach my students about podcasting.

Resources Mentioned:

Free Podcast Course by John Lee Dumas
Mike Murphy Unplugged

The Cons of Learning Too Much: Being a jack of all trades, not knowing what your good at, not practicing what your learning and fear of starting something.

WHERE I LEARN ($35/mo)
The best. $35/month. ($199/year)
Photography, Photoshop, Video, etc. ($9.99/mo)

Favorite Skillshare Classes:
Logo Design the Draplin Way: Building with Shape, Type, and Color by Aaron Draplin
Buy Smarter, Taste More: Getting Started with Wine by Gary Vaynerchuk

My Classes on Skillshare:

Photoshop:The Art of the Headswap by Mike Murphy
WordPress Cheatsheet for Entrepreneurs by Mike Murphy


Larry Jordan (YouTube)
Curtis Judd (YouTube)
Music Radio Creative
The Recording Revolution
Ian Shepherd
Rode’s YT channel
Tuts Plus

John Lee Dumas
Pat Flynn Tutorial
Ray Ortega
Daniel J Lewis
The School of Podcasting
The Podcast Answerman

Story & Heart (paid)

Film Riot
Fix Your Video
DIY Video Guy
DSLR Video Shooter
The Basic Filmmaker
Jordy from Cinecom
DSLR Guide
Premium Beat

B&H (YouTube)
Adorama TV: (Mark Wallace is great and the Corey Rich tutorials are great)
Fro Knows Photo
The Grid
SLR Lounge


BlueLightning TV
The Photoshop Guys


The Ask Gary Vee Show
SeanWes TV
Pat Flynn
The $100 MBA podcast
The Fizzle Show
Buffer Blog
Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert

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The Resource Show

The Resource Show

  1. Branding: (This is the big category)
  2. Photos (Stock Photos)
  3. Video Footage & Animations (Intros, Lower Thirds..)
  4. Audio (For podcasts and video projects)
  5. Outsourcing

1. Branding & Graphics



1. (about $50)
2. Squarespace Logos ($10)
3. 99

Bonus Tip: Logo Inspiration: or and just browse for ideas.


Where do I go for fonts?:

Adobe Typekit: (My favorite free source):
League of Moveable Type (for my hipster fix)
Google Fonts:

Pairing Fonts:

Bonus Resource:
100 Free Fonts 2015


My go-to resources for colors:
1. Adobe Color CC (Used to be Kuler)
3. My super secret tool: This is great for getting variations of a color you like really fast.

Graphics & Templates:

Adobe CC Marketplace (Tons of free stuff inside all CC applications)
Adobe Exchange

Bonus tip: is a great place to scope out trendy new fonts

Creative market

**Warning: With any stock resource, Respect copyright and do not just google a photo and use it because it works. It is your responsibility to only use photos you have the right to use and simply linking the source or pleading ignorance is not going to cut it**

2. Photos

Unsplash (Hipster)
Death To Stock Photo
CompFight (Flickr search)

Bonus Resource:
74 Places For Free Photos
Great stock sites (From

3. Videos

4. Audio

Music for my podcast intro comes from one of my long-time favorite sources: by Kevin McCleod.
Marmoset Music

Super Secret Resource for Audio: YouTube Music Library

5. Outsourcing

The number one place I go to get stuff done without a doubt is:

Bonus Resources:
300 Awesome Free Resources

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