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Mike Murphy Unplugged

Mike Murphy Unplugged


ep86: The Vlog Show

ep86: The Vlog Show

What is a vlog?
What are the benefits of vlogging??
Why do I watch vlogs and who do I watch?
How do you get started making vlogs?

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ep84: The Quick Tip Workflow Show

ep84: The Quick Tip Workflow Show

Behind the Scenes of my Quick Tip Tutorial Videos

1. How To Come up with Topics to Teach?
2. What Screencasting Software do I Use? 
3. How to Export & Prepare Videos for Multiple Sizes
4. Share Videos Online

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ep80: The Show Notes Show

Behind the Scenes of Show Notes:

How I write my show notes
How I Format my Shownotes for the Web
How I Prepare my episode artwork
How I Schedule & Publish Each Weekly Episode on my Wordpress Site.

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ep79: The Accounting Show

Behind the scenes of Mike Murphy LLC:

What is an LLC?
How do you file taxes as an LLC?
How much does it cost?
What tools do I use for accounting & financials?

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ep64: The Gift Show

1. Thank you, to you.

2. The Official Unofficial 1st Annual Mike Murphy Unplugged/PodcasterToolkit/PodShed/PodGift Holiday Ideas Guide 

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ep54: The Business Show

What is the difference between sole proprietorship and an LLC?
How much does it cost to legally start your business?
What can you do to set yourself up for success after your business is set up?

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ep52: The Everglades Show

Part 3: How to Record Podcasts On-Location
Facts about The Florida Everglades
Tips & Tricks for How To Podcast on Location
Introduction to Noise Removal

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ep48: The Golden Gate Show

Part 1: How to record a podcast on location.

This podcast episode was recorded on Baker Beach in San Francisco, California.

Why record on location?
What gear was used?
What are the pros & cons of location recording?

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ep46: The Screencast Show

What is Screencasting?
What tools do I use to make screencast videos?
What makes a good screencast video?
What are the benefits of making screencasts for online businesses?

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ep43: The 911 Show

5 ways for you to prepare yourself and your business for unexpected events or even emergencies.

Components of a Podcasters Emergency Toolkit

1. Protecting Your Gear & Security
2. Backup Plan
3. Asset Managment or Inventory
4. Password Management
5. Banking

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ep42: The Workflow Show

Behind the scenes view of my 10 step podcast workflow from start to finish.

10 Steps:

1) Verification Process
2) Organization & Setup
3) Social Media Marketing
4) Exercise & Breakfast
5) The Script
6) Social Media & Engagement
7) Recording & Editing
8) Tagging & Uploading
9) Show Notes
10) Newsletter & Ask Mike Anything

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ep41: The Hardware Show

What equipment and gear do I use to record this podcast?
What do I recommend for one man band and content creators in the planning stage of starting a podcast or ramping up content creation?

The Basics: Audio Chain
XLR Cables
Cloud lifter or Fethead1
Audio Interface (Mixer or Audio Interface)
Interface to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

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ep37: The Instagram Show

Episode 37: The Instagram Show What is Instagram? How Do I use it? How can you use Instagram to promote your podcast? Ask Mike Anything Today’s Ask Mike Anything came via email from Vivian Carrasco from The Turning Inward, podcast: Question: What is the difference...

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ep36: The Tutorial Show

The Art of the Tutorial

How do you find a topic to teach?

How do you actually make them?

Where do you put them?

Why should you make tutorials?

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ep35: The Snapchat Show (Part 2)

The Snapchat Show (Part 2):

Why I am Using Snapchat?
How I Use Snapchat to promote my podcast?
How can you use Snapchat to promote your podcast & brand?
What have the results been so far?

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ep32: The Video Ideas Show

5 different types of videos that you can make as a podcaster or content creator to get your video marketing up and running. If you are new to video or not sure where to start, today’s episode is going to be a good starting point to give you some ideas and inspiration to start making videos to promote your podcast and your brand.

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ep31: The Rhythm Show

In today’s episode, I want to continue down the path of self-awareness a little and tackle the topic of finding your rhythm or balance in podcasting, business and in life. I have a few reasons that I think are major contributors of stress and burnout in podcasting and I’ll share my techniques and ways that I use to keep a good rhythm and and make me in control of my podcast and not the other way around.

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ep30: The Strengths Show

What were the results of my StrengthsFinder 2.0 test and the benefits of understanding your strengths (and weaknesses) for podcasting, business and life.

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ep27: The Podfest Show

I share my experience of attending the recent Podfest Tampa 2016 and some insights on the pros and cons of attending industry events, trade shows and conferences.

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ep23: The How Show

ep23: The How Show 7 Steps How To Get Started Podcasting [Tweet ""Perfection is not attainable, but if you chase perfection, you can catch excellence." -Vince Lombardi] Ask Mike Anything: Guest:  Dr. Vivian Carrasco, Turning Inward Podcast Question:  Is there any...

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ep1: About Mike Murphy

Episode 1 is the story behind the one man band, Mike Murphy and the steps that led to starting a blog and podcast and what to expect from future episodes.

Learn. Create. Move Forward

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Learn. Create. Move Forward.

I help people figure things out. PodcastNewsletter

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